An Interview With MIRROR WATER Founder, Estée Lalonde

estee lalonde mirror water founder

We recently chatted to OG beauty content whizz and founder of MIRROR WATER, Estée Lalonde, about all things self-care, her 'aha' moment and living a more balanced life...

We’re excited that MIRROR WATER has joined the Face the Future family, and we love your values around self-care and wellbeing! How do you unwind after a long day? 

Thank you! All of us at MIRROR WATER are so excited to be a part of the Face the Future family. After a long day, I’ll usually take note of how I’m feeling and what I need. The idea of a mind-body connection is so important to me; I think that taking care of your mind influences how your body feels and vice-versa. Depending on how I’m feeling that day, I might take a hot bath, go on a walk with my dog, or just have a glass of wine and binge watch a good TV show – whatever it feels like my mind and body need most. 

Was there a certain moment or experience that ignited the creation of MIRROR WATER for you?  

During the pandemic, I was in the bath every single day. On one hand, it was a way to escape the pandemic, but on another hand it was a time to process what was going on around me. That time period helped me make the connection bettered my journey online, my interest in community, connection, mental health, and the power of bathing. I knew those things are what I care about, and what my audience cares about, so I gave myself permission to explore this space and take my ideas seriously. From that came MIRROR WATER. 

For those discovering MIRROR WATER for the first time, what is the main thing you would like them to know about the brand?  

We provide relaxation tools for realists. Our products are designed for your downtime, no matter what it looks like for you and we hope that our products can encourage realistic rituals throughout your day – aka, practical ways to practice self-care and downtime… whether that’s cancelling your evening plans to soak in a looong bath, going on a walk in nature (even just a quick dog walk in the park!), or having a cheeky glass of red wine after work. Historic narratives of wellness that push things like hyperproductivity don’t enrich us, and through MW, we hope to create an online space where you feel like you can be your whole self, indulge in whatever makes you feel good, and connect with likeminded people. Basically, we don’t judge. 


mirror water bath salts


How do MIRROR WATER’s ingredients and formulations help to improve our wellbeing? 

We believe in quality over quantity here at MIRROR WATER. On one hand, we formulated our four-product body care range with a focus on natural ingredients like Marula Oil, Shea Butter, Epsom Salt, Magnesium, and Soapbark Extract – all chosen specifically to hydrate, enrich, and smooth skin, without disrupting its natural barriers… helping out your physical well-being. On another hand, our products are powered by our unique essential oil blend – vetiver, cedarwood, Canadian Black Spruce, and Bergamot – which gives our range its signature earthy and uplifting scent. Interacting with the cells in our bodies that detect different smells, our scent is designed to help support your emotional well-being – from reducing stress and anxiety to promoting relaxation and sleep, and supporting feelings of joy and positivity. 

If you could only use one MIRROR WATER product for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?  

It has to be SMOOTH, our best-selling Body Oil! I use SMOOTH every time I get out of the shower or bath – it’s ultra-nourishing and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky finish like a lot of body lotions. Whenever I apply it, I like to take a big breath and inhale its fragrances from my hands and slowly exhale… it’s a really nice grounding ritual to start or end my day. 


We know you’re a big lover of baths! Can you share your tips for the perfect bath time set-up? 

First, sprinkle in a handful or two of our SOAK Bath Salts – it uses Himalayan Salts, Epsom Salts, and Magnesium Salts to help lower stress, relieve tension, and soothe skin. When I want to take my bath to the next level, I’ll set the mood with some meditative music and a nice candle – I love Verden’s Arborealist scent. Otherwise, grab a book or turn on a feel-good film or show, pour yourself a drink of choice, and leave your phone at the door. 


mirror water smooth body oil


What do you think is the key to leading a well-balanced life? 

Everything in moderation… and paying attention to how you feel! Sometimes, you feeling good might mean spending the whole day cleaning your space, doing your body-care, and doing yoga. Other times, you might just need to sit on the couch all day watching tv or having a cheeky glass of red wine. It’s all about listening to your mind and body, and being mindful of the fact that both things are just as important. 

Which three self-care rituals can you not live without? 

Walking my dog Effie in the forest (I do this whenever I get the chance!), taking baths, and stretching. 

What’s next for MIRROR WATER? 

This summer, we’re going on an upward spiral at MIRROR WATER – helping to support our community on setting in motion things that make our minds and bodies feel smooth. Hopefully, we'll also have a new product on the horizon soon. Watch this space! 


Shop the full MIRROR WATER range and discover Estée's Edit of current beauty picks for the ultimate skin and self-care regime. 

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