An Interview With BIOEFFECT's VP of North America, Aubi Oskarsdottir

 Aubi Oskarsdottir bioeffect

At Face the Future, we're constantly developing new connections with the brands we partner with. We recently sat down with Aubi from BIOEFFECT to talk all things Winter skincare, the story behind the brand and her go-to BIOEFFECT essentials...

What is your role at BIOEFFECT and how long have you been working for the company?

My name is Aubi Oskarsdottir and I am the VP of North America for BIOEFFECT. I have been with the company for 5 years.

Favourite thing about working for BIOEFFECT?

Apart from the noticeable difference in my skin and amazing products the brand offers, it´s the people behind the brand. I am so fortunate to work closely every day with amazing people with diverse backgrounds. From scientists to discuss new formulations and skincare trends, to global PR firms for press and marketing strategies to our expert consultants globally. This diversity helps me grow both personally and professionally.

For those new – tell us what it stands for?

BIOEFFECT is a clean, biotech skincare brand made by Iceland. We focus on innovative formulations with minimal but effective ingredients that your skin wants and work. Our hero product the EGF Serum is for example formulated with only 7 ingredients, each carefully selected to ensure maximum efficacy. Iceland is an integral part of BIOEFFECT, we are proud to be the outcome of Icelandic innovation, being the first company in the world to produce growth factors in plants and harnessing Iceland’s natural resources both in our production with geothermal clean energy and formulation with uniquely pure Icelandic Water. 


bioeffect egf serum

What is EGF and why it is so important for our skin?

EGF (epidermal growth factor) is a protein found naturally in our skin. It is responsible for communicating with other cells, telling them to produce more collagen and elasticity in our skin. If you think of babies skin it is soft, plump and smooth because they have a lot of EGF. When women are breastfeeding their milk also contains a high concentration of EGF. As we age the levels of EGF in our skin decrease causing dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity and uneven skin tone. BIOEFFECT invented a way to produce EGF in barley plants for a safe, pure and stable ingredient, one our skin can understand. Within clean formulations Barley EGF thrives and is a potent ingredient that everyone should incorporate into their skincare routine.

Who should use BIOEFFECT products, what type of skin is it best for?

BIOEFFECT products are suitable for all skin types. We often say that you are never to young to start using BIOEFFECT, but ideally you can start to implement BIOEFFECT products into your skincare routine from the age of 20. That is the age that we start to loose EGF naturally in our skin. There is nothing in BIOEFFECT´s formulations that are irritating or harmful to your skin and everyone should be able to find products ranging from cleansing to serums and moisturizers that fit their skintype and concerns.

When should you start to see results?

Good things take time, but usually you will feel the immediate hydration benefits to your skin and the glow from within. Our clinical research shows noticeable improvement to the skin after 30 days. With continued use you are rebuilding your skin and helping to strengthen the skin barrier.

What are your favourite BIOEFFECT products and why?

This is definitely a tricky question as I use the whole product range but differently throughout the seasons. My go to products during winter are the EGF Essence, EGF Serum (1) and Power Cream (2). I always use the EGF Essence (3) prior to my serums as to enhance the efficacy since we know that the Barley EGF proteins work their best in a watery environment. The EGF Serum is my daily product that I can´t live without. I only use 4 drops on my entire face and neck, you don´t need to overdue it and following with the EGF Power Cream. The EGF Power Cream has really helped to decrease the appearance of my pores that have become more apparent as I age. During warmer summer months I often go for a lighter routine focusing on the EGF Essence and EGF Serum. Not to forget, the Imprinting Hydrogel Masks (4), both for the eyes and face. Pair with any serum of choice to work wonders for your skin. They are now biodegradable and water soluble. Another BIOEFFECT favourite is the OSA Water Mist (5), I never travel without it for a refreshing spritz of hydration and use it as a setting spray as it has a mattifying effect.

Whats next for BIOEFFECT?

We have an exciting year ahead of us in 2023 with some newness. Definitely stay tuned!

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