BIOEFFECT: What Is Epidermal Growth Factors?

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From Ceramides to Squalene, and Hyaluronic Acid to Vitamin C, you may know your skincare ingredients, but how clued up are you on Growth Factors? Today, we're taking a deep dive on Epidermal Growth Factors - one of the most important growth factors in human skin.

EGF is responsible for signalling cells to boost collagen and produce elastin for a healthy, dense and youthful complexion. To find out more about exactly what EGF is and how it boosts our skincare, we went to the experts: BIOEFFECT.

Epidermal Growth Factors In Skincare

So, what exactly are growth factors? Right from birth and up until adulthood, our bodies create profuse amounts of proteins called growth factors. These proteins are responsible for repairing cells within our body. They do this by communicating with our cells and telling them to repair, rejuvenate or even multiply. They also regulate the growth and differentiation of various cell types.

Controversy surrounding Growth Factors and EGF

Because growth factors can be produced from stem cells, they are sometimes met with a lot of curiosity and ethical concern. In fact, both growth factors and EGF have been surrounded by controversy for many years. Previously, EGF had only been grown in bacteria and extracted from human and animal tissue, however, with scientific advancements, BIOEFFECT EGF was the first of its kind on the skincare market as its formulated from barley plants.

Barley: an integral part of human history

Barley has always played such an integral part of human history - it’s amongst one of the earliest cultivated greens. Who would've thought that we would turn back to this domesticated grain in a bid to regenerate our skin and turn back the clock? Barley has a very powerful characteristic that makes it perfect for molecular farming as it protects new proteins and prevents them from breaking down. This makes it ideal for cultivating EGF as it stops the genes and growth factors from deactivating when the scientists transfer them.

BIOEFFECT: Born from Science, Made in Iceland

BIOEFFECT was founded by three Icelandic scientists. After a decade of research, the team of scientists discovered a way to bioengineer a plant-based form of EGF barley plants. They offer the purest and most efficient formulations. These bioengineered growth factors work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture, reduce pore size and reduce the appearance of pigmentation through improved communication between the epidermis and the dermis. The day after its launch, the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum was completely sold out and it has been reported that over 30% of Icelandic women use it.

BIOEFFFECT's barley based EGF is grown in a high tech, ecologically engineered greenhouse in the lava fields of the Icelandic Reykjanes Peninsula. Here, the water is so pure and sustainable, and conditions are carefully controlled and monitored using latest technologies. The greenhouse cultivates over 130,000 barley plants and it takes each of these plants 14 months to be bioengineered to produce a new growth factor. If you look at the gram for gram value of EGF, it is more expensive than diamonds and gold combined. It is also a difficult ingredient to pair with. Your normal skincare ingredients such as Vitamins A, D, E, and oils cannot be combined with EGF as it becomes ineffective. Let’s take a look at some of the brand's most popular and award-winning products.


This award-winning serum is truly revolutionary with its anti-ageing formula using plant derived Epidermal Growth Factors to dramatically improve the visible signs of ageing. BIOEFFECT EGF Serum helps to naturally fight visible signs of ageing. Cell renewal is stimulated, creating firmer, smoother, and suppler skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, dark circles improved, the delicate eye area is more refined, the skin tone is evened, and a soft, radiant complexion is revealed. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid further plumps the skin, as well as deeply hydrating all skin types.


Revitalise tired eyes with BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Serum. This breakthrough anti-ageing formula revitalises tired, ageing eyes. Containing EGF, this lightweight gel formula plumps the skin and prevents against the formation of lines, wrinkles and crows feet. The hydrating serum also helps to banish dryness and reduce under eye puffiness, for more refined and youthful looking eyes.


Enriched with Epidermal Growth Factors, this serum dramatically improves the appearance of the visible signs of ageing. Specifically designed for daytime use, this ground-breaking anti-ageing serum provides exceptional results in a lightweight formula that won't clog the pores.

EGF Day Serum helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production to firm and tone the skin, dramatically improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin's moisture levels are balanced to promote a softer, more radiant, and youthful looking complexion.

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