6 Products for the Bridal Party on the Morning of the Wedding

6 Products for the Bridal Party on the Morning of the Wedding

The church is booked, the seating plan is finalised and you've stuck to your regular skincare treatments for the last 12 months! The big day is finally here and in the motions of planning everything to the umpteenth degree, you haven't thought about the last minute products you need for the morning of your big day! We've got the products for you and your bridal party on the morning of your wedding day.

Ask your makeup artist; he/she will tell you that the best way to prepare your skin for the day of your wedding is hydration, hydration, hydration! When your skin is perfectly hydrated, it is plumped and prepared for optimum makeup application. If your skin is dry, makeup will stick to dry patches and start to crack or flake during the day.

Try Mesoestetic Post Peel Crystal Fiber Mask, a next generation hydrating face mask that's designed to enhance skin's renewal process and restructure the water-lipid layer. Although the mask is perfect for use post peel, it also effectively restructures the hydrolipidic film, while restoring optimal levels of moisture and elasticity in the skin.Even better, the Crystal Fiber Masks come in a pack of five “ so hand them around the bridal party to ensure everyone is hydrated and glowing!

For another intense hydration boost, we love Beautycoll Vitamin B5 Hydrating Gel. The intensely hydrating serum is enriched with Vitamin B5, B3 and Sodium PCA to deliver moisture, hydration and maintain a healthy epidermis.

Sodium PCA is a naturally occurring component of skin and is responsible for the natural moisturising factors that keep skin hydrated. It works by attracting moisture from the air to deliver hydration.

Vitamin B5 is a natural humectant and helps to plump, hydrate and stabilises skin's barrier function. Vitamin B3 helps to brighten and improve skin's clarity, elasticity and barrier functions whilst also erasing discolouration for an improved skin tone and texture.

This perfect serum to create an ideal base for makeup application!

Whether you've had a restless night's sleep before the biggest day of your life, or a few happy tears have got your eyes looking a little puffy, Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are the perfect solution! The cutting edge transdermal gel patches with Hexapeptide technology help to firm, de-puff and reduce premature wrinkles in the under-eye area, making them perfect for the entire bridal party!Take inspiration from actress, Kaley Cuoco, who wore the Skyn ICELAND eye gels on the morning of her wedding and looked beautiful - yet very emotional!


For the Mother & Grandmother of the Bride, Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Neck Gels offer a targeted neck treatment to tighten, tone and firm sagging skin with a skin-plumping amino acid complex and skin strengthening Niacinamide.Simply apply the neck and/or eye gels to cleansed skin and enjoy a leisurely morning of wedding preparations with a glass of champagne, before removing with plenty of time to apply your moisturiser of choice and letting the makeup artist work her magic!

Another under-eye miracle product is Instant Effects Instant Eye Lift. This super serum works to smooth wrinkles, reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles. Enriched with proteins and natural plant extracts, the serum brightens skin around your eyes in just 15 minutes.Check out these incredible results!

Your hands are going to be in the spotlight today “ everyone wants to see your new wedding ring and the photographer is probably going to capture the moment you exchange your rings! So make sure your hands are photo ready with Slixir Hand and Polish Cream.

No one wants dry skin or chipped polish on their wedding day, and this multi-tasking cream covers both bases! It improves skin tone and texture on the hands, whilst also helping to prevent nail polish chipping or cracking.

Top tip! Apply hand cream to the back of your hands and rub the backs of your hands together. This helps to prevent any residue from the cream transferring onto the dress!

Whether you're a Bride-to-be on a mission to achieve a flawless glow for your big day, or a Grandmother/Mother of the Bride or Groom, aiming to regain a youthful yet natural visage. If you're still in the wedding planning stage and want to start preparing your skin in advance, check out Aesthetic Practitioner, Emily's blog post, all about creating a bespoke treatment plan for you!

For help finding the right products to prep your skin to perfection on your wedding day, speak to our skin experts 0113 282 7744 or shop online now!

Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future

Image source: freepik.com

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