Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What's Trending This Month? #PartTimeVegan

Forget the 5:2, this month it's the 3:4.

So you've cut out the transfats, switched the big name supermarket for your local farm shop and spend every Sunday at the fruit market. You're so organic you should be sparkling inside but it seems all this is simply not enough. The new season trend is the part time vegan. This new wave of diet trends is a far cry from the Atkins and a tough blow for meat lovers like myself.

So what's a part time vegan?

My thoughts exactly. Well, a vegan is someone who obtains from eating any food associated with a living creature. No dairy, no meat, no refined sugar and even some wine! However, the latest trend doesn't expect you to cut these food groups out as a long-term solution, it's just about limiting your intake.

It seems today's health gurus insist that leading a part time vegan diet encourages you to intake more nutritional, pesticide-free foods. Some enthusiastic plant eaters claim the health benefits from a vegan diet include younger looking skin, higher energy levels and a slimmer waistline. When planned right, vegan dishes can be high in protein, iron and calcium.

A traditional western diet revolves around meat at two or three of your daily meals. There is a huge debate about the production of meat and dairy products and the impact it is having on our environment. We already know that too much red meat can increase heart disease and cardiovascular problems.

Beyoncé is a famous advocate of the part time vegan diet, having 2 meat free days a week, whilst some part time vegans opt for one meat free meal a day.

I decided to test the theory for myself. Opting for three meat free days a week meant I had to think outside the box for food ideas and meal planning was made a little more difficult. Although it did open me up to trying new, fresh ideas. Psychologically you may convince yourself you wont feel full without a portion of meat but physically your body will adjust.

Personally, I'm sticking with it. Although I haven't noticed a change in my energy levels and certainly can't see any signs of the acclaimed 'eternal youth', I believe there can only be benefits to ourselves and the environment by living like a 3:4 vegannette.

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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