Thursday, 23 March 2017

Top Tips To Sleep Eazzzy

Spring brings with it the lighter nights and brighter mornings and thanks to daylight savings, a shift in the sleep pattern.

Sleep is one of the most important things for you and your skin health as getting that much needed shut eye sends our body in full repair mode. If, like me, you require a little helping hand to keep you sweet dreaming, follow my bedtime routine to guarantee you sleep tight every night.

RULE 1: Never skip a cleanse

For me, washing my face is a staple part of my routine as much as brushing my teeth. However, for some the prospect of cleansing before bed easily skips their mind and sleeping in the day's make up becomes a regular time saving occurrence. This is an absolute NO. There are no exceptions when it comes to cleansing. Your skin accumulates free radical stress throughout the day and leaving your make up on is like adding an extra layer. It's these free radicals that break down healthy collagen and cause your skin to wrinkle! If that's not enough to convince you, you're also at an increased risk of developing demodex infestation, aka skin mites!

RULE 2: Drink up

A recent study proved that those who took collagen supplements before bed had a more restful night. With a market booming with different collagen boosting agents make sure you pick yours carefully.

I recommend Skinade due to its high levels of marine collagen and the fact that it's easy to store and simple to use. I buy the ready mixed bottles and stock them in my fridge. They also have travel-sized packets which are great for when I'm working away and mean I never have to miss a drink.

RULE 3: Cut the carbs and go bananas

Our diet has a big impact on our sleep and while its common knowledge to avoid sugary snacks and caffeinated drinks before bed, does anything actually help us drift off?

Key minerals such as calcium and magnesium (or a lack of them) are linked to certain sleep disorders. Your evening meal should be high in protein and less carb heavy. Stick to eating your carbohydrates during the day when you are most active and need the energy boost. If you get peckish after hours, then try something that doesn't require a lot of digestion. Bananas are a good choice as they contain the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan. They also have high levels of the muscle relaxing nutrients potassium and magnesium. A small snack early evening is okay but nutritionists recommend not eating 3 hours before bedtime to allow proper digestion to take place.

RULE 4: Quit the pillow talk

We are all guilty of working between the sheets, answering emails, scrolling through Facebook updates and checking out the late night Twitter feeds but turning off the technology is key to a good nights sleep. It is important for your brain to wind down and relax. Mobile phones, laptops and TVs all emit blue light that stimulates brain activity. Do whatever it takes to encourage you to get into bed; buy new bedding, make a start on the reading pile or treat yourself to a silk pillow. Silk is less irritating on the skin that cotton and can help to reduce new wrinkles from forming.

These tips work for me, so hopefully they'll help any of you looking to improve your sleep. Join the conversation on social media and tell us what your top tips for easy ZZZs would be!

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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