Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg
where collagen helps information
Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg
where collagen helps information

Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg



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What are the main benefits & what can it help with?

A blend of clinically proven ingredients to help improve skin elasticity as well as reduce wrinkles. Working at a much deeper level than most topical products, Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. 

Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg

Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg are formulated with Verisol, an active and unique blend of Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which has been clinically proven to improve skin’s elasticity, volume and plumpness.

Benefits of Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg:

  • Proven to reduce wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Supports joint function & wound healing
  • Formulated with 1200mg of Verisol per serving

Collagen is a key protein, which provides support to the skin. These easy to swallow capsules help firm the skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  From the age of 25, our collagen production starts to slow down. Research shows that we lose 1.5% of our collagen volume each year. Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg work to stimulate production of new collagen to reveal plumper, more youthful-looking skin. 

Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg are an oral form of collagen, which allows it to work directly from the inside and delivers better results than topical collagen. The capsules are easy to incorporate into anyone’s daily routine and by taking just three capsules daily, over time skin elasticity starts to improve. 

Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg provide 1200mg of Verisol per serving.

How to use:

Take three capsules daily. Daily serving contains 1200mg collagen hydrolysate. 

Capsules can either be swallowed with liquid or broken open so that the collagen hydrolysate powder can be sprinkled onto foods or stirred into drinks. Do not exceed 24 capsules per day. 

Size: 90 Capsules (1200mg collagen per serving)

Read what our skin experts think about Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg:

  • Reveals more youthful looking skin
  • Improved quality of nails
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines

“Taking collagen has never been easier! You can take Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg by either swallowing whole or breaking open and sprinkling into foods or as I do, by mixing it in with my morning smoothie.

I have had fine lines recently make a (not so welcome) appearance but by taking Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg, I have noticed my face is looking much more firm and the appearance of fine lines has been noticeably reduced.

As part of the Proto-col collagen program, I have been taking the Proto-col Pure Collagen Capsules 1200mg as part of a 10-day introduction to boost my collagen intake and I have noticed that the quality of my hair and nails has improved and both are growing much stronger.

I would highly recommend taken Pure Collagen for anyone looking to improve the firmness of their skin with the added benefits of a reduction in fine lines, reduced cellulite and improved hair growth.”

Kimberley, Face the Future Skin Care Expert

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