Pharmaceris S - Safe Protective Face Cream SPF 50

Pharmaceris S - Safe Protective Face Cream SPF 30

This Safe Protective Face Cream prevents against UVA and UVB damage by maintaining a light mineral layer on the surface of the skin. Read more

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Based 100% on mineral filters, the cream reflects and diffuses sun rays, providing very high protection from intense sunlight and its adverse effects. It forms a mineral screen on the skin, reducing the risk of harmful UVA and UVB penetration deep into the skin. It minimises irritations and sunburns.

Pharmaceris S Safe Protective Face Cream SPF 50 significantly neutralises free radicals responsible for photo-allergenic reactions and reduces proneness to allergy, irritations, itching and sun-induced eczema.

Hygroscopic molecules enhance the regeneration of the epidermis, keep the skin from feeling taut and tight and protect it from excessive drying. Leaving a thin white protective layer on the skin is a natural effect of applying mineral filters.

The product has received a positive opinion no. ZF-K-27/11 from the Mother and Child Institute.

Benefits of Pharmaceris S Safe Protective Face Cream SPF 50:

  • Recommended for daily protection of the particularly delicate skin of children and babies from the 1st day of life against intense sunlight and environmental aggressors (cold, wind).
  • Recommended also for atopic skin, which is hypersensitive and prone to allergy to sun rays and chemical filters.
  • For daily care of face skin of children and babies from birth onwards.

Key ingredients:

100% mineral filters - It forms a protective film on the skin surface, which reflects UVA and UVB radiation. It stays on the skin surface rather than being absorbed.

How to use:

Apply the cream onto the face and body 20-30 minutes before sun exposure.

Reapply the cream every 2 hours and each time after bathing or swimming. 

Size: 50ml

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