Pharmaceris R - Lipo-Rosalgin SPF 15 Soothing Face Cream

Pharmaceris R - Lipo-Rosalgin SPF 15  Soothing Face Cream

Ideal for those with Acne Rosacea, this Soothing Face Cream is formulated to calm redness and reduce inflammation whilst boosting hydration for healthier-looking skin. Read more

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The unique combination of active ingredients effectively soothes and counteracts inflammation processes accompanying acne rosacea, improving skin condition and appearance. Pharmaceris R - Lipo-Rosalgin SPF 15  Soothing Face Cream strengthens capillaries and reduces their permeability, thus relieving skin redness.

Piroctone olamine included in the formula has an anti-bacterial effect and promotes reduction of papules and pustules. It restores balance in the epidermal microflora, preventing the recurrence of symptoms.

D-panthenol and allantoin soothe irritations, fixed erythema and flushing, as well as reduce skin proneness to hypersensitivity to environmental aggressors.

Olive wax strengthens the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis and provides proper hydration and lipid replenishment. Regular product application prevents redness from setting in.

Benefits of Pharmaceris R - Lipo-Rosalgin SPF 15  Soothing Face Cream:

Recommended for the daily care of dry, normal and sensitive skin with acne rosacea, prone to redness, fixed erythema, flushing, papules and pustules.

Key ingredients:

Piroctone olamine - Has antibacterial effect, restores the natural balance of the cutaneous microflora, reducing exfoliation of the skin and preventing its recurrence. It helps to eliminate papules and pustules.

Golden algae extract - Prevents excessive dryness, strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier, moisturises the skin and promotes epidermal renewal, offering intense relief.

D-panthenol - Provides a soothing and calming effect, and makes the skin less prone to hypersensitivity reactions.

Olive wax - Is a gentle emollient which nourishes and moisturises the skin.

Allantoin - Soothes irritations, brings relief and promotes epidermal regeneration.

How to use:

Cleanse the skin of the face with a Pharmaceris R gel wash and follow with the cream. Use daily. The cream is also recommended as an under make-up base make-up base.

Size: 30ml

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