Pharmaceris R - Calm-Rosalgin Redness Reducing Night Cream

Pharmaceris R - Calm-Rosalgin Redness Reducing Night Cream

Ideal for those with Rosacea, this Redness Reducing Night Cream is formulated with inflammatory properties to soothe, calm and reduce redness. Read more

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The complementary action of 3 active ingredients: InnoTetrapeptideTM, olive leaf extract and thioproline, aims to control skin problems associated with rosacea.

At the same time, it promotes detoxification (toxin removal from skin cells) and stimulates intense regeneration and nourishment, reducing the severity of papules and pustules and minimising the appearance of teleangiectasia. Pharmaceris R - Calm-Rosalgin Redness Reducing Night Cream reduces persistent skin redness and the appearance of capillaries. The formula enriched with Calm-CalciumTM Ca2+ calcium ions soothes the skin and relieves irritations. D-panthenol, canola oil and allantoin enhance the soothing effect and make skin less prone to hypersensitivity reactions to environmental aggressors. Black currant oil restores the skin’s physiological balance and makes epidermis firmer and more elastic.

Antibacterial properties in the cream reduces and prevents the recurrence of burning and itching sensation in the affected areas. It provides optimum hydration, eliminating signs of physiological stress and fatigue.

Benefits of Pharmaceris R - Calm-Rosalgin Redness Reducing Night Cream:

A night cream for rosacea skin which is prone to redness, persistent or recurrent erythema, papules and pustules.

Key ingredients:

InnoTetrapeptideTM - An innovative peptide designed to minimise the appearance of redness caused by inflammatory response. It inhibits the expression of interleukins which are involved in inflammatory response.

Thioproline - A potent antioxidant. It promotes epidermal regeneration. It has an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect. It also protects skin from environmental aggressors.

Olive leaf extract - has a detoxifying effect: it promotes the removal of metabolites from cells to make skin more resistant to stress. The ingredient was inspired by a Nobel Prize in biology.

Calm-Calcium Ca2+ - Calcium ions soothe and relieve irritations and have antiseptic properties. Designed for sensitive skin with rosacea.

How to use:

Cleanse your skin with a Pharmaceris R gel and spread the cream all over your face. Use at bedtime.

Size: 30ml

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