Pharmaceris N - Capilar-Tone SPF 20 Even Tone Correction Cream

Pharmaceris N - Capilar-Tone SPF 20 Even Tone Correction Cream

Ideal for sensitive skin, this Even Tone Correction Cream is formulated to reduce redness and inflammation in the skin whilst helping to restore it with moisture. Read More

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The lightweight colour-correction (CC) tinted formula contains a green mineral pigment known for its ability to even out the skin tone by effectively concealing redness and minimising the appearance of capillaries. The cream, which is based on photo-stable UVA and UVB filters, delivers a high level of sun protection and prevents hyper-responsiveness to environmental conditions. Thioproline combined with milk thistle extract has antioxidant properties and effectively neutralises free radicals. It reduces inflammatory mediator expression, strengthening capillaries, effectively preventing redness and erythema, and minimising their appearance. Pharmaceris N - Capilar-Tone SPF 20 Even Tone Correction Cream is enriched with high molecular hyaluronic acid which smooths out the skin, improving its firmness and elasticity. It moisturises and regenerates the skin.

The formula adapts to your natural skin tone and delivers even coverage without creating a mask-like effect.

Benefits of Pharmaceris N - Capilar-Tone SPF 20 Even Tone Correction Cream:

  • Recommended for all sensitive skin types, especially for couperose skin in need of effective protection against harmful environmental conditions (sun, wind, cold).
  • Indicated for the skin prone to redness and erythema (both persistent and recurrent) caused by external factors, stress, intense emotions, alcohol, and hot or spicy foods.
  • Also indicated for people with dark circles and swelling under the eyes, and people undergoing pharmaceutical treatment for couperose or rosacea skin.

Key ingredients:

Thioproline, Milk thistle extract, Hyaluronic acid, MineralGREENpigment

How to use:

For day use. Apply the product onto the cleansed skin of the face and leave on until fully absorbed.

Size: 40ml

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