Pharmaceris Emotopic - Soothing And Softening Emollient Cream

Pharmaceris Emotopic - Soothing And Softening Emollient Cream

Ideal for acne prone skin, this Emollient Cream reduces sebum production and has anti-bacterial properties to help prevent breakouts. It is also formulated with Mandelic Acid to help naturally exfoliate your skin for a smoother texture. Read More

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This specialist solution shows potent bacteriostatic properties, completely inhibiting the growth of bacteria and the formation of acne breakouts. Deeply cleanses the skin and regulates sebum secretion to prevent bacterial growth and the formation of new blemishes; Mandelic acid exfoliates dead skin cells, physiologically unblocking skin pores.

It also removes excessive thickening and smoothes out the skin, and stimulates skin regeneration and renewal.

Lemon extract and Fruit-peel brighten discolourations and even out skin tone. The product does not cause skin dryness. It perfectly prepares the skin for further treatments with Pharmaceris T products and intensifies the results of anti-acne treatments.

Benefits of Pharmaceris Emotopic - Soothing And Softening Emollient Cream:

  • Product intended for washing skin affected by acne, with moderate to intense inflammatory lesions and a tendency to shine, develop scars and discolourations caused by acne.
  • Dedicated to the areas of skin most commonly exposed to acne; can also be used to prevent acne.

Key ingredients:

Mandelic acid - is an aromatic hydroxy acid with antibacterial effect. It exfoliates and regenerates the epidermis. It regulates the formation of comedones, minimising their visibility and the frequency of acne eruptions.

Lemon extract - provides a smoothing and brightening effect, and lightens post-acne discoloration.

Fuit-peel - Evens out skin texture and reduces the visibility of imperfections.

How to use:

Moisten a cotton pad with the solution and wash the skin areas affected by acne breakouts. Use twice daily – in the morning and at bedtime – on the cleansed skin. Follow with a cream from the Pharmaceris T line.

Size: 190ml

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