Pharmaceris A - Corneo-Sensilium Soothing Repair Cream

Pharmaceris A - Corneo-Sensilium Soothing Repair Cream

This Soothing Repair Cream is ultra moisturising to help restore and rejuvenate irritated, damaged skin. Read more

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A dermatological cream with a patent-protected composition has a corrective action on damaged epidermis. Intensively regenerates the skin with disturbed barrier function of the stratum corneum and thinning symptoms, e.g. after treatments, micro damage, irritation and abrasions. It has a documented strengthening and restoring effect on the physiological thickness of the epidermis. It moisturises and lubricates the skin, eliminating dryness and roughness of the epidermis and restoring the natural balance of the stratum-corneum protective layer. Hemp oil has a medical efficacy in relieving irritation, itching and erythema.

Benefits of Pharmaceris A - Corneo-Sensilium Soothing Repair Cream:

  • Recommended for Irritated, Micro-damaged & Reddened skin.

Key ingredients:

Allantoin, Hydrogenated Decyl Olive Esters, Inulin, Alpha -Glucan Oligosaccharine (Oligosaccharine), Prebiotic, Hemp oil (Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil), Sucralfate, Phyto-diosgenin, Colloidal Silver

How to use:

The cream should be applied topically 1 or 2 times a day or, depending on needs, to previously cleansed and dried skin. There are no restrictions on the use of the cream on sensitive areas of the body and face, e.g. eyelids, underarms. 

Size: 75ml

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