NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector

NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector
NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector

NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector has replaced Neostrata Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel. This is A targeted pigmentation corrector to be used in conjunction with the Enlighten regime or as part of your daily regime. Read More

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NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector is ideal for targeted application to tackle stubborn patches of pigmentation. When used alongside the other Enlighten products (or as part of your daily skincare regime), NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector diminishes the appearance of pigmentation, evens and brightens the skin tone.

Benefits of NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector: 

  • Targeted correction.
  • Brightens discoloured skin and evens skin tone.
  • Diminishes the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Contains antioxidants to protect against future damage.

The gel formula contains a combination of powerful ingredients including alpha hydroxy and polyhdroxy acids to tackle pigmentation by gently exfoliating the skin and increasing cellular turnover. Active brighteners: butyl resorcinol, liquorice exract, kojic acid and vitamin C help to correct existing pigmentation and prevent new areas of pigmentation from forming.

NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector is formulated with a 10% alpha hydroxy blend. This consists of 5% glycolic acid and citric acid (AHA’s), and 5% gluconolactone which is a PHA. These collectively work together to promote a more even and radiant complexion. It is also formulated with powerful skin brightening antioxidants such as kojic acid and ascorbic acid (pore form of vitamin c) to promote brightness and a more even complexion.

How to use:

Apply gel on the affected area twice daily. Limit sun exposure during and after use to prevent darkening from reoccurring. Using a sunscreen or wearing protective clothing is recommended with use of this Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) product and for one week after, to minimise the risk of sun sensitivity / sunburn. 

Size: 20g 

Please Note: 

NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector has now replaced Neostrata Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel with immediate effect.

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What We Say

Read what our skin experts think about NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector:

  • Contains an exfoliating blend of AHA’s & PHA’s
  • Fragrance free, oil free
  • Effectively targets dark spots 

“I love to use NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector twice daily when I am looking to improve dark spots. Suffering from acne, my skin is left with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This topical gel is great for treating that as I can just apply on the affected area twice daily and begin to see results.

With regular use, I have noticed that the dark pigmentation has significantly reduced, leaving my complexion to look much clearer and more radiant. Applying the NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector is so easy! I just apply a thin layer over the affected area in the morning and again in the evening. Always make sure to apply adequate SPF and make sure to wear protective clothing if you are in direct sunlight during peak hours as sun damage can reverse any results you have seen and can also do further damage. I highly recommend NeoStrata Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector if you are looking for an effective pigment lightening product!”

Kate, Face the Future