mesoestetic Energy C Complex

mesoestetic Energy C Complex
mesoestetic Energy C Complex
mesoestetic Energy C Complex
mesoestetic Energy C Complex
mesoestetic Energy C Complex
mesoestetic Energy C Complex
mesoestetic Energy C Complex
mesoestetic Energy C Complex

Protect against free radicals, combat fine lines and wrinkles with this intensive 4-week treatment with antioxidant, hydrating and tightening action. Read more

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This intensive 4-week treatment visibly boosts hydration and luminosity of the face and neck, achieving an overall tightening effect. Skin is protected against free radicals, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Benefits of mesoestetic Energy C Complex:
  • Antioxidant protection against free radicals
  • Anti-ageing effects and boosted collagen production
  • Brightening and tightening effect
  • Contains ultra-concentrated Vitamin C (10%)

mesoestetic Energy C is a cosmeceutical at-home treatment with high concentrations of vitamin C, designed to combat the first signs of chrono- and photo-ageing. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) works to prevent skin ageing and when applied topically, remains on the skin for 48 hours and is 30 times more effecting than oral Vitamin C.

mesoestetic Energy C Complex neutralises free radicals, regenerates the cell membrane, brightens skin, improves pigmentation and prevents the formation of dark spots. As free radicals are neutralised, oxidative damage is prevented and damage to epidermal cells caused by ultraviolet radiation is avoided.

Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced thanks to a boost in collagen synthesis, the number of elastic fibers and active fibroblasts help to improve the texture of skin.

In addition to Vitamin C, Osilift provides a plant-based tightening agent with anti-wrinkle properties. Vitamin E improves the nutrition and elasticity of the skin, helping to combat expression lines and fine wrinkles.

How to use: 

Apply the contents of one pipette (1 ml) at night to the face, neck and bust area using a gentle circular massage until completely absorbed. Ultra-concentrated Vitamin C (10%) is segregated in the protective cap to keep its properties intact until the moment of use. Once the vitamin C is released, the serum must be kept refrigerated and used within 7 days. Each vial corresponds to a week of treatment. To maintain skin’s optimal condition, repeating the treatment every 4 months is advised.

Size: 4 x 7ml doses + 1 pipette

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What We Say

Read what our skin experts think about mesoestetic Energy C Complex:

  • Double antioxidant protection against free radicals
  • Brightening and lifting effect
  • Supports collagen production for reduced lines and wrinkles

“After following the advised 4-week treatment plan with mesoestetic Energy C Complex, my skin feels tighter, firmer and brighter. I use one pipette of the Energy C Complex and apply to my face at night using a patting technique.

My skin feels hydrated and looks brighter; I have also noticed a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes and mouth.

It’s a nice bonus to know that my skin is protected against free radicals, as I live in a city, I’m conscious about pollution and environmental damage to my skin. Coupled with my daily SPF use, I know my skin is protected for the day.

I’d recommend mesoestetic Energy C Complex for everyone wanting to improve the texture, hydration and brightness of their skin. The 4-week treatment is easy to follow every evening and great for super fast results.”

- Chloe, Face the Future Skincare Expert