Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit

Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit
Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit
Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit
Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit

Harnessing the powers of exfoliating acids, an ultra-nourishing complex and physical exfoliation, the trio of products included in the Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit target a variety of body concerns. Instantly revitalise rough, dry or bumpy skin with this 3 step exfoliating kit. Read More

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Target rough, dry and bumpy skin, also known as keratosis pilaris, with Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit, to leave legs and arms soft, sleek and silky.

Benefits of Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit:

  • Powerful trio of products
  • Three-piece kit for soft, sleek & silky body
  • Buffs away dead skin cells
  • Formulated with exfoliating acids, an ultra-nourishing complex & physical exfoliation
  • Key ingredients including Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Bamboo Micro-Exfoliators & Moringa Butter

Extend your skincare routine to your entire body with Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit. This three-piece kit contains a powerful trio of products to instantly revitalise rough, dry or bumpy skin, leaving behind a soft, sleek and silky body.

Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit contains:

Medik8 Smooth Body Scrub

Formulated with a powerful complex of both AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants, alongside mechanical exfoliants, this scrub smoothes the appearance of dry and bumpy skin. Nourishing moringa butter allows the creamy scrub to effortlessly glides over the body to reveal skin that is visibly renewed, refreshed and soft to the touch.

Medik8 Smooth Body Mitt

Exfoliating your body has never been so simple thanks to the Medik8 Smooth Body Mitt. Target areas of rough and bumpy skin with this easy-to-use mitt. Gently buff away dead skin cells and unblock hair follicles for smooth and soft skin.

Medik8 Smooth Body Lotion

Formulated with a powerful trio of exfoliants; Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Urea, this lightweight and fast absorbing body lotion gently resurfaces the skin, whilst also delivering nourishment. Moringa butter and squalane replenish the skin with hydration and essential lipids, helping to soften and smooth the appearance of rough or dry skin.

How to use:

Medik8 Smooth Body Scrub

Use 2-3 times a week. Before showering or bathing, apply Smooth Body Scrub in circular motions over dry skin. Leave for up to 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Medik8 Smooth Body Mitt

Use Smooth Body Mitt with or without Smooth Body Scrub. Use dry for a more intense exfoliation, or damp for a gentler exfoliation. Gently buff over skin in light circular motions.

Rinse regularly. Wash before first usage and as required thereafter on a 30° cycle and leave to air dry. It is normal for the fabric to gradually wear with use.

Medik8 Smooth Body Lotion

Every morning and evening, massage Smooth Body Lotion into dry skin using gentle, circular motions. Follow with sunscreen when required.


Medik8 Smooth Body Scrub 150ml

Medik8 Smooth Body Lotion 200ml

1 x Medik8 Smooth Body Mitt

Please Note: This product cannot be shipped outside of the UK or Ireland.

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What We Say

Read what our skin experts think about Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit:

  • Buff away dead skin cells
  • Three-step body smoothing kit
  • Contains a scrub, lotion & exfoliating mitt

“This three-step kit has transformed the skin on my body, which I’m definitely guilty of neglecting! I use the Smooth Body Scrub a couple of times a week before I shower to remove and buff away dead skin cells. As I rinse it off in the shower, my skin already feels smooth and soft.

Once I’m out the shower, I follow it up with the Smooth Body Lotion for a completely revitalised and smooth body head to toe! Always remember to wear sunscreen on exposed areas of skin, as this lotion contains exfoliating acids that may make skin more sensitive to sunlight.

I find myself reaching for the Smooth Body Mitt when my elbows, heels and backs of my arms are particularly dry or rough and need some extra TLC.

I’d recommend this powerful trio of products to anyone wanting to transform the skin on their body and achieve smooth and soft skin from head to toe.”

Nicola, Face the Future