Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides (2x10ml)
Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides (2x10ml) and packaging
Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides (2x10ml)
Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides (2x10ml) and packaging

Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides (2x10ml)



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What are the main benefits & what can it help with?

Visibly combat hyperpigmentation, improve post inflammatory pigmentation concerns, and deeply hydrate your skin with this powerful daily serum.

Supercharged with Medik8’s ultra-brightening patented oxyresveratrol (oxy-R) stabilised for the first time ever at 1%, the market-leading strength, Oxy-R Peptides takes a triple threat approach to unwanted hyperpigmentation for a more radiant complexion.

Benefits of the Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides (2x10ml):

  • Visibly combats all types of hyperpigmentation
  • A non-greasy hydrating serum
  • Ideal for use as a CSA booster

If your skin is looking a little dull, incorporate the Oxy-R Peptides serum into your daily skincare routine. Fused with 1% oxyresveratrol, the formula is stored in a patented preservation serum in the lid until it is plunged into the rest of the formula using Click-Activated packaging on first use. The serum is also supercharged with TETRAPEPTIDE-30, which works to interrupt the pathways that lead to discolouration and uneven skin tone, and ACETYL GLYCYL BETA-ALANINE, which works to stop the transportation of melanin to the keratinocyte where the overproduction of pigment becomes visible on the skin.

How to use:

Before using, press down on the lid until you feel a click and shake for 30 seconds to activate the formula. After cleansing in the morning, apply 6 drops to the face, neck and decolletage whilst avoiding the eye area. Each bottle will stay potent for 6 weeks after opening. 

Size: 2 x 10ml

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