iS Clinical Youth Body Serum 200ml

iS Clinical Youth Body Serum 200ml

This lightweight body serum applies as a refreshing mist and works to hydrate, nourish and protect skin. Extend your skincare routine to the rest of your body with iS Clinical Youth Body Serum 200ml. Read more

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The iS Clinical Youth Body Serum hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin from environmental damage. The hard-working ingredients provide potent antioxidant protection and visibly improves the signs of ageing.

Benefits of iS Clinical Youth Body Serum:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Visibly improves signs of ageing
  • Increases cellular integrity 

The iS Clinical Youth Body Serum is formulated with a botanically derived hyaluronic acid which attracts and binds up to 1800 times its weight in water. This delivers intense levels of hydration, perfect for dehydrated skin types.

This easy to use product can just be sprayed on to the body when hydration is lacking. It also contains potent extracts of watermelon, blue-micro algae and licorice root and holy herb. All of these ingredients have been specially designed to be effective for the body. 

The iS Clinical Youth Body Serum is much more than a moisturiser, it leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft. It also protects against environmental damage and helps provide DNA protection. This makes it perfect to apply post sun exposure as it nourishes the skin and protects it from further damage.

How to use:

For a refreshing boost of hydration, spray on to skin as desired.

Size: 200ml

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What We Say

Read what our skin experts think about iS Clinical Youth Body Serum:

  • Leaves skin hydrated, smooth soft
  • Improves visible signs of ageing
  • Perfect for post-sun exposure

“The iS Clinical Youth Body Serum provides a refreshing boost of hydration and is so easy to use. It is suitable for all skin types but is especially good for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

I love to use the iS Clinical Youth Body Serum on a daily basis as my skin is quite dry and dehydrated. I apply this every morning and evening when I need a boost of hydration. This would also make the perfect product for post-sun exposure and for sunburned skin.

I recommend the iS Clinical Youth Body Serum for all but especially for those with dry skin that is more sensitive.”

Kate, Face the Future