Institut Esthederm City Protect Spray

Institut Esthederm City Protect Spray

Boost skin’s natural defences. Read more

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Protect the skin from the environment with Institut Esthederm City Protect Spray now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop. 

Living in big cities can often leave skin exposed to pollution. Every day we are exposed to indoor and outdoor pollution that, together with sunlight, are the main cause of premature aging and inflammation. Institut Esthederm City Protect Spray strengthens your skin's natural defences and protects it  from harmful environmental factors and photo-aging so that your skin is able to optimise its vital functions and stay looking beautiful for longer.

Benefits of Institut Esthederm City Protect Spray:

  • Strengthens skin’s natural defences
  • Protects from harmful environmental elements
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, living outdoors or exposed to environmental stress and skin lacking


Apply City protect spray on your face and décolleté as a last step of your beauty routine, before leaving home. It will protect your skin from environmental and urban stress (sun, pollution, free radicals, etc.) strengthening the skin’s natural defences.

Size: 100ml

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