EVY Self Tan Mousse Medium/Dark
EVY Self Tan Mousse Medium/Dark
EVY Self Tan Mousse Medium/Dark
EVY Self Tan Mousse Medium/Dark

EVY Self Tan Mousse Medium/Dark

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What are the main benefits & what can it help with?

Combine your skincare with your self-tanning routine with EVY’s patented technology that works to boost your skin’s natural defence system as it gives you a natural glow.

By mimicking and strengthening your skin’s protective barrier, the formula prevents dehydration and prepares your skin for the weather’s stressors – all without leaving a sticky or greasy layer on your skin.

With a unique formula that is distributed throughout the top layer of your skin instead of settling on the surface, the effect of the active substances is enhanced.

The mousse is intensely moisturising, so there’s no need to moisturise before application. And with an almost scentless formulation that doesn’t have a guide colour, the mousse won’t stain your clothes, and doesn’t need to be washed off.

Enriched with antioxidants and caring-to-skin anti-ageing ingredients, the formula preserves your skin’s elasticity and works to reduce fine lines. Meanwhile, the formula also protects your skin’s DNA from UV-induced stress and premature ageing.

By ‘bursting’ the existing melanin pigments within the top layers of your skin, the formula helps to create an artificial darker tan that lasts a few days. And with proper care and maintenance, your tan could last considerably longer (from 4 – 10 days+).

Your natural golden and even tan will be visible after 2-4 hours and continues to develop throughout the next 24 hours. If you’d like a darker tan, the colour can be enhanced gradually by repeating the application process.

The aerosol bottle can be used upside down which makes application easy on those harder-to-reach areas. Also, the aerosol bottle, in combination with EVY’s unique technology forms a condensate which ensures the formula is never exposed to oxygen – keeping your tanning mousse airtight and fresh. This means that the product doesn’t need preservatives and can be used until its expiration date. The bottle is made of aluminium and is recyclable.

Benefits of EVY Self Tan Mousse Medium/Dark:

  • Deeply hydrates and strengthens skin barrier whilst giving natural tan
  • Free from nanoparticles and environmentally stable
  • Vegan formula free from preservatives and perfume

How to use:

Step 1: Always exfoliate and remove any unwanted body hair 24 hours before your tanning application.

Apply your tan to well-cleansed, dry skin using a tanning or your hands (ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after application). Do not apply an oil-based product just before your tan application.

Step 2: Shake the bottle well and hold it upside down so that the extra gas doesn’t escape.

Apply the self-tanner in areas, starting first from your face, continuing with your arms, then your legs, followed by your torso. Massage the self-tanner into your skin in a circular motion.

A handful of mousse is enough for an adult’s arm.

To layer your tan, apply one layer of mousse all over your body for a sun-kissed glow, and allow it to sit for around five minutes before applying another layer on top for a more bronzed glow.

Step 3: The product has no guidance colour and does not need to be washed off. It is advised to avoid showering, swimming, and sweating for at least four-to-eight hours (ideally eight hours).

Apply every day for three-to-four consecutive days to help you achieve a natural glow before breaking for a couple of days and then starting again. Apply your tan on alternate days continuously for a subtler build-up of colour.

Please note: This self-tanning mousse does not contain any sun protection factor. Do not expose yourself to the sun before 12 hours.

Size: 150ml

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