Eneomey Daylight C20

Eneomey Daylight C20
Eneomey Daylight C20
Eneomey Daylight C20
Eneomey Daylight C20

Unveil a brighter, more radiant complexion with Eneomey's Daylight C20. Supercharged with a stabilised form of Vitamin C, this moisturiser helps to preserve cells from skin ageing, helps the body fight aggressions and promotes the assimilation of iron while protecting and revitalising the skin on a daily basis. Read more

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Loss of radiance and glow is one of the first signs of skin ageing, this is mainly as a result of external aggressors such as UV rays, smoking, stress pollution and lack of sleep. Eneomey's Daylight C20 protects your skin daily, and is expertly formulated with Vitamins C, A and E along with Glycolic and Phyto Acid to help reveal a brighter complexion while reducing the appearance of spots and pigmentation. 

Benefits Of Eneomey Daylight C20:

  • Your skin is radiant and protected from external aggressions
  • Helps neutralise free radicals to prevent premature skin ageing
  • Boosts skin's radiance

Key Ingredients:

  • Ascorbosilane C (20%)
  • Glycolic Acid (6%)
  • Phytic Acid (2%)
  • Vitamins A & E complex

Eneomey's Daylight C20 is an antioxidant day cream that helps to combat the signs of skin ageing, revealing a luminous, brighter complexion. Supercharged with a unique combination of powerful ingredients, this daily moisturiser has been expertly created to be used in the morning to help neutralise free radicals to prevent premature ageing. When used regularly, the skin will be left feeling and looking more radiant, youthful and smooth. The perfect radiance boost for skin that is feeling a little dull, lifeless and lacklustre. 

How To Use:

Apply evenly to your face, starting from the T-zone and working outwards. Make sure you use upwards strokes from the bottom to the top of your face to stimulate blood flow and tone facial muscles. The fluid texture of DAYLIGHT C20 is pleasant to apply and speeds penetration around the eye contour. Place a small amount of the product on the tip of your index fingers and tap lightly from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

Size: 30ml

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