Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting

Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting

A unique combination of active ingredients that act throughout the process of melanin production to reduce pigmentation for a brighter and more radiant and skin tone. Read more

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Reduce the appearance of pigmentation and achieve a brighter skin tone with Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting, now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop.

Designed and developed with aesthetic doctors, Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting is an anti-brown spot treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and brighten dull complexions.

Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting is a fluid serum, it’s non-greasy and non-sticky. Patented active ingredient, Pekaline, was created after a collaboration with a renowned French research institute and helps to regulate the skin's pigmentation process.

An SPF 50 sunscreen should be used throughout the use of Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting.

After one month of regular application, you will see the first results, and optimal results after three months of use. Spots fade away and the complexion is brighter. This anti-dark spot cream acts on all types of brown spots: liver spots, mask of pregnancy, spots from scarring or light therapy medications. The results have been proved by clinical testing performed on Caucasian and Asian skin.

Benefits of Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting:

  • Non-greasy & non-sticky fluid serum
  • Reduces the appearance of brown spots & pigmentation
  • Leaves skin brighter and more radiant

How to use:

Apply to perfectly clean skin and wait until complete penetration before applying your daily skin care regime.

Use SPF 50 sunscreen throughout your use of Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting.

Normal skin: apply twice daily (avoiding the area around the eyes). Tingling may occur at the beginning. If that happens, we recommend spacing out its application to every other day, then gradually increasing the frequency.

Sensitive and very sensitive skin: gradual use is recommended. Every other day or once a day for the first week (preferably at night), then gradually increase the frequency until you reach two applications per day.

Suitable for Black and Asian skin.

Tolerance, harmlessness and efficacy guaranteed by our clinical trials and more than 10 years' perspective on our formulas.



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