Shelf Life Skincare Challenge

So, serious question, do you ever check the expiration dates of your skincare?

After our Customer Service Team recently flagged that some of our community didn't seem to know much about it, we decided to investigate further. Having surveyed 2,021 people with skincare routines, less than a fifth (17%) of skincare fanatics actually keep track of their products' expiration dates, our new research has found.

But why is it so important to keep track of when your skincare expires?

If you want to get the very best results out of your skin products, it's crucial that you make checking expiration dates a habit. Kimberley Hulme, Head of Clinic at Face the Future, says that “January is the perfect time to take a good look at your skincare and beauty products and think about getting rid of anything that isn’t performing for your skin as it should."

Here's what we've discovered...

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What can happen if you use expired skincare?

Shelf Life Infographic


We've come up with the perfect solution to help you keep track of your skincare's expiration. Our Shelf Life sticker can be placed on your skincare products so you'll never used an expired product again! Simply jot down the dates and place them on your products and you're good to go. Place an order this month and we'll send you a couple of stickers for free to get you started.

If you want to get super organised and track the expiration dates for all your skincare essentials, our stickers are available to purchase now for a limited time only in sets of 5!

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Discover everything you need to know about skincare expiration dates so that you can get the very best results out of your beauty favourites.

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Empties With Face The Future

Jess & Heleayner from FTF’s Content team recently cleared out their skincare drawers and checked all the expiration dates on their products. The result? Lots of Empties!


A New Year means it's time for a clearout! It's time to check your skincare drawers for expired products so that you can start 2022 with a skincare stash that's going to give you the best results. Tag us in your skincare sort-out and use our stickers to record expiration dates then don't forget to tag us on Instagram (@face_thefuture) and use the hashtag #SkincareShelfLife!

face the future expiration date stickers

Subscribe To Keep Track Of Your Skincare

Use our subscription service to make sure you never use an expired skincare product again. Simply work out the expiration of your favourite essential skincare products and set your subscription up so that you receive a fresh one just before your other runs out!

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