Skincare Devices

Our essential skincare devices are specially designed to increase the benefits of the essential products you'll be using as part of your daily routine.

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Skincare Devices

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LYMA Laser Starter KitLYMA Laser Starter Kit
LYMA Laser Starter Kit

Deesse PRO LED Mask and packaging Deesse PRO LED Mask
Deesse PRO LED Mask

This multi-tasking LED facial mask delivers four different wavelengths for the optimal skin treatment in the comfort of your own home. This mask is the market leading professional LED mask with the highest strength LED...

Deesse Pro Express LED MaskDeesse Pro Express LED Mask
Deesse Pro Express LED Mask

Get the ultimate on-the-go glow with the Déesse Pro Express LED Mask! This portable 10-minute express LED light therapy facial delivers anti-ageing benefits featuring Red & Near Infrared light.

Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit
Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit

The Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit is the latest revolutionary design from Environ in skin care treatments.

Deesse PRO Sculpta by Deesee PRODeesse PRO Sculpta by Deesee PRO
Deesse PRO Sculpta by Deesee PRO

Environ Gold Roll-CIT
Environ Gold Roll-CIT

This exciting and meticulously crafted new Roll-CIT has 260 ultra fine definitive points, ensuring it's superiority and making it the most effective Roll-CIT in the range.

Environ Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution
Environ Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution

Roll-Cit cleaning solution is the perfect accompaniment to your Roll-Cit and is essential for keeping it as good as new and extending the life.

ANSWR Exfoliating Hair Removal DropANSWR Exfoliating Hair Removal Drop
ANSWR Exfoliating Hair Removal Drop

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Environ Focus CIT
Environ Focus CIT

Measuring just 5cm in length, the device consists of 15 needles, measuring 0.2mm, set in a 1.5cm diameter head, allowing users to target specific areas such as frown lines.

Environ Electro-Sonic DF Mobile DeviceEnviron Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device
Environ Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device

This eagerly anticipated handheld device stimulates skin, allowing active ingredients to be effectively delivered to areas of concern.

PharmaClinix DermarollexPharmaClinix Dermarollex
PharmaClinix Dermarollex

This 0.5mm roller helps to improve the appearance of acne scarring, lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Deesse PRO Display Stand
Deesse PRO Display Stand

Dr Levy MicroSkin RollerDr Levy MicroSkin Roller
Dr Levy MicroSkin Roller

Hairburst Heatless CurlerHairburst Heatless Curler
Hairburst Heatless Curler

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ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal RollerESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller
ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller

Cool and calm your skin with ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller, made with semi-precious stone Aventurine Jade Crystal, this beautiful tool creates a soothing sensation on the skin.

£30.00 £40.00 25% offsaving
ESPA Jade Eye Massage ToolESPA Jade Eye Massage Tool
ESPA Jade Eye Massage Tool

Nurture the delicate eye area with ESPA Jade Eye Massage Tool, beautifully made with Aventurine Jade Crystal that glides over your skin to promote natural beauty and inner calm.

Environ Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device SHORT DATEDEnviron Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device SHORT DATED
Environ Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device SHORT DATED

This eagerly anticipated handheld device stimulates skin, allowing active ingredients to be effectively delivered to areas of concern.

DMK CELLerator device
DMK CELLerator

Existing Face the Future DMK customers can re-order by calling 0113 282 7744. New customers interested in purchasing DMK products can book a free consultation at our advanced skin clinic.

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