What Is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

What Is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Sebaceous Hyperplasia might sound scary, but it's the name given to a benign bump that has formed over time and leads to an ongoing problem of over productive oil glands. Commonly they look a little like donuts, with a depressed centre and a white or yellowish outer rim, which can be soft or firm. They can appear anywhere on the body but are mostly seen on the forehead or the central part of face.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia can present itself as a single or there can be several of the bumps. Unfortunately it cannot be cured only controlled, so it's essential you are using the correct home care products to keep the bumps under control. A visit to a dermatologist is also recommend as the bumps can resemble a type of skin cancer known as a basal cell carcinoma, so a visit is recommended for a diagnosis.Some of the treatments we offer in clinic, that help with this condition are:-Facial peels- ACP (electronic needle)- Prescription retinoids. Some of the home care products we would recommend are:- Vitamin A - this works by controlling the growth of the skin cells and regulating a normal oil production.- Salicylic Acid - products that contain this help with the daily action of causing the cells of the epidermis to shred more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralising bacteria.- Vitamin B (niacinamide) - this vitamin reduces inflammation, aids oil proliferation and can benefit the home care routine.

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Written for you by: Claire, Face the Future

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