The Ultimate Skin Survival Guide This Autumn

The Ultimate Skin Survival Guide This Autumn

If, like me, you are still in mourning of the dear sweet summer, it's probably about time we snapped right out of it. The long hot days and starry summer nights are over. Throw off the blanket and bin the tissues. We have the ultimate skin survival guide to ride you through autumn and winter with a fearless complexion. Rock those rosy cheeks; the cold is here to stay.


Okay, so stress is a year round problem, however it always seems much worse in winter. Shorter days and cloudy skies mean we have lower vitamin D exposure in the colder months; this lowers our mood and can even result in depression. Feeling burnt out will increase your cortisol levels, which can suppress your immune system. Coughs, colds and flu bugs are in their element this time of year, meaning you need to boost your body's defences to avoid getting sick. Try taking a multi vitamin supplement to boost your body's germ fighting ability.


When the temperature drops, so does our water intake. We get it, it's much more comforting to wrap your mitts around a pumpkin spiced latte at 9am than a litre of mineral water. However, your body needs water no matter what the weather. Dehydration decreases your digestive efficiency and encourages lethargic behaviour. We recommend drinking at least 2 litres of water a day but your water intake should be adjusted to fit your lifestyle. Fluids you drink when working out need to be replaced on top of your daily intake. Try hot water and lemon on a morning and save the pumpkin lattes for Halloween only.

Poor diet

You've just finished a nine hour shift in a flu ridden office, spent an hour de-icing the car and drove home with frozen fingers. I'm guessing a super food salad doesn't feel so appealing right now. In winter, often we turn to hot and satisfying comfort food. Poor nutrition will leave you feeling fatigued and more prone to catching the bug that's circulating the office. Healthy doesn't have to mean boring; swap your summer acai bowl for an organic porridge mixed with berries, nuts and a sprinkle of chai seeds. After all, we do have little black dress season just around the corner!

Lack of exercise

Or simply not moving enough in winter is a real problem. The last thing we feel like doing on an icy, cold morning is sliding around in our latest runners. Don't forget exercise is a great way to relieve tension and improve energy levels. Try doing some home workouts; simple floor mat exercises are great at improving your tone and strengthening your core.Lifestyle factors have much more of an impact on our skin than we sometimes realise, so these tips will help you towards a naturally radiant and healthy complexion.

If you feel your skincare regime needs an A/W switch up, why not speak to our skincare experts by calling 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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