The Ultimate Guide To Dermarollers

The Ultimate Guide To Dermarollers

Here at Face the Future, we are big fans of dermarollers. Quite regularly, I'll be speaking to a customer on the phone that is looking for some advice, and when I mention using a home roller, they seem apprehensive. Yes, they do look like a scary medieval torture device, but they are honestly not nearly as scary as they seem. Plus, the results you will see will be so worth any anxieties you have. Whether you need your mind putting at rest, or are interested in getting into rolling but are not sure we're to begin, here is your ultimate guide.

What is a dermaroller?

A dermaroller is a skin-needling device covered in small surgical needles. They are lightly rolled over the skin surface and can help improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and other skin irregularities.

How does it work?

As the micro needles roll over the skin, they gently pierce the skin; not enough to cause any pain, discomfort or injury, but just enough for the skin to believe it has undergone a trauma. It then goes into repair mode, stimulating the production of collagen. As there's no actual trauma to repair, this extra collagen can get to work plumping and firming the skin.What's more, the micro channels created (which will close up after around 15 minutes), allow for maximum absorption of your products. Roll after cleansing, and then follow with your usual serums and/or creams to really make the most of your skincare.

How do I roll?

Unlike in-clinic rollers, home rollers have no down time, so you can roll any time of day. However, I find it easier to include it in my evening regime when I have a little more time. Gently roll over the skin using very light pressure, almost so you are making the shape of the Union Jack as you roll. It doesn't take long; just a few minutes will suffice.

What size do I need?

Home use rollers come in a range of sizes, starting at 0.2mm. For regular use a 0.2mm or 0.3mm is great, and for best results you can occasionally (once every 10-14 days) add in a 0.5mm roller. This will give your regular treatments a boost and enhance your results. In your search, you may come across 1mm rollers. These rollers are strictly for professional use only and the treatment should be carried out in a clinic. Anyone selling these rollers for home use should be avoided!Some of our most popular rollers include the Dermaroller by Mesotech, Genuine Dermaroller and MTS Rollers. Our team are big fans of dermarollers, so if you would like any more advice or some help on choosing the right one for you, call one of our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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