The Important Skincare Step Many People Skip

The Important Skincare Step Many People Skip

Whether you have a long, complex routine or a quick and simple one, there's something that every single one of us, no matter our skin type, should be doing every morning and evening. Cleansing. To me it seems like a no-brainer to cleanse twice a day. My oily skin needs a refresh first thing in a morning, and there's no better feeling than dissolving away make up that's been on my face all day. However, it seems that not everyone is as into cleansing as me.


Whilst catching up on the latest skincare news recently, I read about a survey that found only 32% of people cleanse twice day and just 35% of people cleanse once a day. Much to my horror, it also found a quarter of women sleep in their make up three or more nights a week. Those poor pores (and pillowcases)!

Although it often gets overlooked by fancy creams and advanced serums, cleansing is essential to keep all skins happy and healthy. After a night of regeneration, it's important to remove the build up of dead skin cells in a morning so you can get the most out of your other skincare products. Plus, when you're all wrapped up cozy in bed, you're probably going to sweat a little bit, and nobody wants sweaty make up face.

On an evening, cleansing is super important even if you haven't worn a scrap of make up that day. Throughout the day, impurities, bacteria and dirt will make their way onto your face. Not only can these clog the pores, but pollutants can cause free radical damage that leads to premature signs of ageing. Regular cleansing helps to keep skin smooth, clean and clear.When it comes to cleansing, time matters. It shouldn't be a 'splash your face with water' type of job.

You should spend over a minute gently working the product into the skin to make sure every scrap of make up, dirt and grime is targeted. The traditional notion that a toner is there to remove anything your cleanser has left behind is outdated; a cleanser should cleanse it all away. If not, do a double cleanse. A lot of people I speak to don't like cleansing as they feel it leaves their skin feeling dry and tight. This is a common occurrence, but it simply means the cleanser you're using is too harsh. Something like the Dermaviduals DMS Cleansing Milk is an emulsifier free cleanser (a rare find) that provides a deep clean without disrupting the acid mantle of the skin, leading to that tight, sensitive feeling.

For more advise on finding the perfect cleanser for you, why not call our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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