The Big Skincare Debate

The Big Skincare Debate

This time next week we'll be voting on whether we choose to stay in or leave the European Union. Switch on the news, open a newspaper or scroll through Twitter and you'll see the debate is raging on with both parties arguing their points before we make our decision.Don't worry, I'm not here to bore you with pros and cons of the EU, but the campaign has got me riled up and ready for a debate. As in politics, within skincare there are various standpoints that people take on what we should and shouldn't be doing to the skin. If you've been doing your research, you may have found lots of conflicting information out there and are not really sure which side you stand on. So, today, I thought I would put across my stance on some of the hot skincare debates.

Dermarollers: There's a lot of conflicting information out there on the use of home dermarollers, but from results I have seen from both friends and our clients, I am firmly in the yes camp. Regular use of a 0.3mm roller will trick the skin into thinking it has undergone a trauma, so it creates a surge of collagen to heal the area. In reality, there's no real damage, so that collagen can improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and even acne scarring.

Exfoliating: It's all the rage in the skincare world, but exfoliating won't necessarily give you the glowing radiant complexion you're after. Too much exfoliation strips the skin's outer protective layer (the acid mantle), leaving it damaged, sensitive and dull looking. Avoid the scrubs and say hello to vitamin A.

Botox/fillers: We've all seen the images of botched jobs of celebs plastered over the magazines, but that's not a true representation of Botox. If you're thinking about going under the needle there's one thing to remember: do your research! Have a consultation first, ensure the practitioner is a nurse and if you don't feel 100% comfortable, leave.

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Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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