Synthetic vs. Natural Fragrance in Skincare

Synthetic vs. Natural Fragrance in Skincare

When selecting skincare, choosing the very best formula for your specific skin type and concern should always be at the forefront of your decision. However, it's so hard not to be sucked in by pretty packaging and beautiful fragrances. Yes, we all know the fragrance isn't adding any benefits, but there's something about a delicately scented product that makes it a pleasure to apply.

Synthetic fragrances in skincare products have long been a concern for those with sensitive skin due to their potential to cause irritation and it seems that even those without sensitivity are choosing to avoid these possibly 'toxic' additions. Traditionally, synthetic fragrances were formulated with parabens and phthalates but modern advancements mean synthetics can now easily be formulated without these additions.

In spite of this, they still have a negative reputation and increasingly more products are now being formulated with natural fragrances. Sensitive skins tend to be drawn to natural formulas, assuming them to be gentler and kind to skin, but is that really the case?Synthetic fragrances are made using chemicals, while natural fragrances are made using only ingredients from natural origin, typically a blend of essential oils.

This may come as a surprise to many, but both synthetic and natural fragrances contain allergens (components that trigger allergic reactions). That's right, a natural fragrance is just as likely to cause irritation as a synthetic formula. In fact, essential oils are far higher in compounds such as limonene, citral, geranoil and other allergens that must be included in ingredients listings. Contrary to popular belief, natural is not always better.Fragrances may add a touch of luxury to your skincare but they serve no functional purpose. If you have sensitive skin, fragrance both synthetic and natural should be an absolute no-no.

If you can use scented products without a problem then you're probably not intolerant but that's not to say you'll never experience irritation, so it's worth avoiding fragrance as much as you can. For a completely fragrance free skincare regime, I recommend checking out Dermaviduals or Synergie. As well as being unscented, both brands opt for a 'clean science' approach, creating active products without any unnecessary nasties.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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