Spring Cleanse Your Skin

Spring Cleanse Your Skin

Spring is finally upon us “ hooray! It's finally time to say goodbye to dark, frosty mornings and hello to some sunshine. The freshly blooming flowers and brighter days often inspire a big spring clean around the house, with areas we usually quickly dust over getting a thorough scrub. This got me to thinking; how many of us simply splash and go when it comes to cleansing our skin, rather than giving it the deep clean it deserves (and needs)?

No matter what your routine is targeted at, be it acne, ageing or something else, the first step for everyone is always to cleanse. With it being something we do day in day out without fail, we can often underestimate the importance of a good cleanse. It takes more than a splash of water on the face and a quick wipe over the skin to properly get the product working. Here are our top tips for giving your face a spring clean.

Why is cleansing so important?

It removes all the build up of dirt, oils and debris that are acquired throughout the day and night. Of course, removing all this will help to prevent breakouts, but it also is crucial for anti-ageing. Our daily lives expose us to bacteria, pollutants, viruses and other impurities that can cause free radical damage to skin cells, leading to premature signs of ageing.As well as keeping everything clean, clearing away this daily build up also ensures that the products you follow with will be able to be absorbed into the skin much more effectively. If you're using the right cleanser, it should also help to keep skin hydrated, radiant and healthy.

How to choose the right cleanser:

Know your skin type “ gel formulas tend to be best for oily skin, while those with a dry skin often prefer a cream formula. Avoid emulsifiers “ most cleansers have them but it doesn't make them good for skin. To avoid over-stripping the skin, look for an emulsifier free formula. Choose a gentle formula “ toners can often be harsh and stripping, so opt for a gentle formula you can do a double cleanse with and ditch the toning step.

Top cleansing tips:

Rather than slapping the product on haphazardly, spend around 60 seconds massaging it into the skin to really cleanse out those pores. Always rinse with warm water, never hot water. Extreme temperatures will irritate the skin and cause damage. Don't use the bathroom hand towel to dry your face as it could transferring bacteria back onto your freshly clean skin.If you're looking to spring clean your cleansing routine, speak to one of our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744 to let them find the best product for you.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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