Skin Myths: Does Your Mother REALLY Know Best?

Skin Myths: Does Your Mother REALLY Know Best?

Mums know best, it's simple! And we'd be silly if we didn't listen to the wise words of our predecessors. After all, it was Grandma who told us to never go to bed on an argument. Aunt May taught us that every decision has a consequence and dear old Mother who warned us not to dye our hair; it will never look the same again! But what about the not so helpful and somewhat out-dated advice we received on our beauty regimes?

With a fear of going against the grain and offending all our female superiors, quite often we take a 'do as you're told' attitude when picking up our facial tips as a pre-teen. However, just like shoulder pads have had their time it might also be time to re-write the old school rulebook on skincare.We asked our clinicians what advice they've received (and later disregarded) when it comes to their step-by-step skincare routines!

Myth 1

“Cleanse, tone and moisturiseWho hasn't heard their mum repeating this over the bathroom sink? It's the old school method of skincare that was once thought as the basic rules to keeping skin young, fresh and a routine fuss-free. Whilst some of it may still be relevant, not all skins follow a one for all instruction manual. Many toners contain alcohol and can be too strong for a delicate or sensitive skin. Just like some moisturisers are too fluffy to allow any real skin benefit and can even contribute to congestion on oily textures.

Myth 2

“You can never use too much moisturiserToo much of anything is never a good thing and moisturisers are actually becoming extinct within the skincare sector. Don't panic, they are been replaced with hydrators, serums and barrier protectors. The reason for this is because some moisturisers sit heavy on the skin and prevent natural cell turnover. This means skin's ability to exfoliate itself becomes impaired and results in a negative skin function.

Myth 3

“It's better to pop spots and take out the pusAs grim as it sounds, we've all had a breakout whether it's an occasional hormonal pimple or you're an unfortunate long standing sufferer, chances are someone told you to squeeze and relieve. In reality, squeezing a spot can contribute to a spread of the bacteria on the skin leading to further inflammation. Scars are also a common aftermath of pimple popping. As tempting as it may be, try to leave them alone.

Myth 4

“You are getting spots because you aren't washing properly. Scrubbing with soap will stop acneIn fact it was my own Grandma who used to nag at me for not washing my chin and blame missing my mouth with food as the cause behind my early onset of acne. This is not only completely untrue but also psychologically upsetting. Poor cleansing very rarely causes congestion and acne and most acne is a result of shifting hormones and imbalances within the body. Scrubbing the skin or using soap bars can disrupt the protective barrier and result in further damage to the skin.

Myth 5

“You don't need sunscreen in winterThis is probably the most damaging skin myth we've heard. In the past, sunscreen has been used during trips to the coast, summer holidays abroad and on hot August days. However, we are now aware of the damaging effects UVA radiation has on the skin. UVA rays are present all year round and will penetrate deeper into the skin to cause serious ageing acceleration. SPF is essential 365 days a year. Check out our guide on how to choose the right SPF for you!Now that we have dispelled a few old school skin myths, where should you start for the skin TRUTH?! We have a few options for you

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Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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