Post-Acne Skincare Advice

Post-Acne Skincare Advice

As anyone who has struggled with acne will tell you, your skincare regime becomes a huge part of your life. During my teens, I would spend evening after evening swotting up on the latest treatments and the best products to help clear my acne, but it wasn't until my early twenties when I finally found a routine that worked for me (DMK products, in case you were wondering). I became incredibly strict with my regimen and I wouldn't dream of putting anything else but my wonder products on my face. But, what do you do when the acne has cleared?

If you're lucky enough to come out of the other side breakout free, you may find you have another set of problems that your trusty routine can no longer fix. Here are some top tips for regaining a flawless complexion post-acne.

Acne scarring

Acne scars are formed when inflamed spots swell the pores and break the follicle wall. These leave a shallow lesion in the skin that causes an uneven skin texture. People often assume that nothing can be done with acne scarring, but using a home dermaroller can really help. The dermaroller uses micro needles that roll over the skin causing it to think it has undergone a trauma (it hasn't, it's pain-free). When our skin undergoes a trauma it produces collagen to repair the area. As there is no damage to the skin, this new collagen gets to work repairing the existing trauma i.e. the acne scars.

Acne marks

Unlike acne scars, acne marks (also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) affect skin tone rather than texture. These are the red, pink or brown marks left behind once a blemish has gone, and although they can often fade, they can sometimes take months or even years to improve. Using a vitamin C serum, such as the Dermaviduals Vitamin C Concentrate, will help to lighten and brighten the skin tone for a clearer and more radiant appearance. Plus, it's a powerful antioxidant and can help to stimulate collagen production, so it doubles up as a great anti-ageing product.

Note: If your skin is still actively breaking out, avoid any vitamin C as it can lead to further spots forming. Only use once your skin is fully clear of active blemishes. When you have acne, all you want is a clear complexion, but unfortunately long after the spots have cleared acne can still leave its mark. If you would like any advice on treating post acne skin concerns, or simply need help putting a new regime together, call our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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