Is your phone bad for your skin?

Is your phone bad for your skin?

So, it's 2017. Most of us spend a lot of time on our phone. As in, a LOT of time on the phone. In fact, I bet half of you are looking at this on your phone right now! But how many of us actually look at what's on our screens? What I mean by this is, switch off your phone and hold it up to the light. You can probably seen all those streaks, the finger prints, the oil and all the other horrible things that will make you reach for a cloth and start cleaning.

This is the same phone that you hold against your face every time you make a call. All that oil and dirt that you've just seen? That's the same bacteria you're then rubbing against the side of your face. Think of how many things you touch during the day. The hand rails, the computers, shaking hands with those people that you just know have a cold at the moment, but how often do you wash your hands afterwards? We're all guilty of it, but it's a harsh fact that all these germs get onto our hands, which we then smear all over our phones, which we then rub all over our face!We all have our skincare regimes.

We have our creams and serums and we cleanse and tone and we aim to keep our skin clean and healthy, but your phone could be doing some serious damage and undoing all your good work. The last thing we want is to be actively spreading germs and bacteria across our skin, but this is what we're doing numerous times every day.Also, if you suffer from acne and breakouts, then remember that your phone could be making this worse. Bacteria thrives in a warm environment and so every time you press a warm, dirty phone against your cheek, this causes the pores to open and the bacteria to spread, which in turns worsens a breakout. And we're not just talking about mobiles, if you use any kind of phone as part of your job, you might want to have a little look at that one and give it a good clean!

So, how to keep your skin healthy with all this in mind? The best thing to do is to add your phone into your daily skincare regime and ensure you're giving it a good clean every day. It's best to avoid any antibacterial wipes, as these run the risk of scratching your phone screen. A good option is to get a microfiber cloth and then either use a little distilled water or antibacterial gel.

A simple job but this will help to keep both your skin and your phone healthy!

Written for you by: Nicola, Face the Future

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