Is Your Moisturiser Ruining Your Skin Routine?

Is Your Moisturiser Ruining Your Skin Routine?

Why your moisturiser could be ruining your whole routine and even making your skin worse...This may come as a surprise but most good moisturisers actually don't aim to 'moisturise' the skin. Most of the time they have an alternative benefit.

Generally all moisturisers include these three types of ingredients:
  • Occlusives work by protecting your skin, creating an occlusion to allow for moisture retention.
  • Emollients repair damaged skin cells.
  • Humectants increase the water content in the skin “ the most well known humectant is probably hyaluronic acid.

The majority of moisturiser products will have a different combination of these three formulas, enabling them to target different cellular functions. However, whilst some skins will benefit from a little helping hand on the hydration front, some will most certainly not.Certain skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis can benefit from barrier creams to help protect broken tissues. Whilst an acne prone skin will most likely require something to restore a damaged acid mantle from over use of harsh chemicals.

A common misconception is that a dry or mature skin requires a thick, rich moisturising agent to restore its youthful appearance. In fact, most ageing skins require the opposite. A Vitamin A (also known as Retinol) cream is much more beneficial to this type of skin as it removes dead cellular build up, strengthens the effects of skin's outer layer and keeps it looking firm. The keratinised surface layer is removed to reveal new and fresh skin underneath. Applying a heavy moisturiser will work against skin's natural shedding process and instead adhere dead skin cells.Many skin conditions are attributed to the overuse of incorrect products and finding the right products for your skin is not always easy.

The first step to beginning your skin journey is by understanding what your skin's primary needs are. This should be done through a detailed skin analysis.

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