Five Surprising Ways You're Ageing Your Skin

Five Surprising Ways You're Ageing Your Skin

By now, most of us are aware of the things that cause lines, wrinkles and other premature signs of ageing. Most of us avoid the sunbeds, cream up for a day on the beach and try to keep alcohol to minimum (or at least try to rehydrate after a heavy night!). But these aren't the only causes of those early signs of ageing. Here are some of the more surprising ageing habits.

Over exfoliating the skin

It seems that now more than ever we are obsessed with scrubbing, buffing and exfoliating skin in an attempt to keep it smooth and youthful. Although many people believe that if it's not stinging, it's not working, too much of these harsh exfoliation treatments can actually damage the skin rather than do it any good. Over stripping the skin damages the acid mantle (the natural moisture and defense barrier), causing it to become over sensitized and vulnerable to external damage. Put the scrub down and opt for something a little more gentle two or three times a week.

Not wearing sunscreen indoors

Even if your diligent with sunscreen application outdoors doesn't mean you get forget to apply when you're stuck in the office or having a duvet day. UVA rays “ the rays that cause ageing cell damage “ can penetrate windows so are just as dangerous as if you were outside in them. Include your SPF as part of your daily morning regime, no matter what your plan for the day is.

Not cleansing in the morning

So, you've taken off all your make up and done a thorough double cleanse in the evening. A quick splash of water in the shower should suffice in the morning, right? Wrong. The remnants of your evening regime will be lingering on the skin, so you need to start off with a clean slate in the morning to allow your daytime products to get to work more effectively, particularly your SPF.

Eating too much sugar

We often associate sugar and sweet treats with triggering acne, but it's also a major factor in the ageing process, as the glucose in sugar is what causes glycation in the skin. Glycation is a process that breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin are what keep skin firm, plump and supple, so prematurely diminishing these supplies will lead to the early onset of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Forgetting to drink enough water

By upping your water intake, you'll quickly see an improvement in the appearance of your skin. It keeps everything smooth and hydrated as well as giving that radiant glow that automatically takes years off skin.For more information on how you're ageing your skin, call one of our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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