Don't Be Fooled: The Truth Behind Common Skincare Myths

Don't Be Fooled: The Truth Behind Common Skincare Myths

Until the clock strikes 12pm today, most of us will be going about our day with some caution thanks to April Fools Day. With the obligatory office pranks, fake pregnancy Facebook posts and made up news articles, it's hard to know what's true and what's made up. However, most of us will know that every day is a bit like this in the world of skincare. With so much conflicting information and old wives tales about how to take care of your skin, how do you sift the fact from the fiction? Here is our round up of the biggest skincare myths that are always circulated.

Myth #1: Skin should feel squeaky-clean after cleansing

We have grown accustomed to cleansers leaving our skin with a super squeaky-clean feeling. This lets us know that all the make up, dirt and impurities have been washed away, right? Well not quite. Although they might have been washed away, it means that the natural surface oils that keep skin protected and hydrated have gone with them, leaving skin vulnerable to sensitivity and damage. Try to look out for an emulsifier free cleanser, such as the Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk, to avoid this.

Myth #2: The SPF determines the level of protection you are receiving

This is a little more complicated than it seems. The SPF number indicates how much longer we could stay in the sun using that product than we could not wearing any sun protection at all. So, say you would usually burn within 15 minutes, a factor 50 sunscreen would allow you to stay out 50 times longer than that. So, the SPF does determine the level of protection, but only of UVB rays aka the burning rays. The UVA rays that cause ageing damage on a daily basis aren't included in this calculation, so the SPF 30 in your foundation make not be offering the protection you think. Ensure you are wearing a broad spectrum SPF to protect against both rays.

Myth #3: You will age like your parents

While it's true that certain aspects of the appearance of your skin can be genetic “ such as skin texture and enlarged pores “ the majority of the way we age comes from environmental and lifestyle factors. If your mum has always followed a good skincare regime, ate a healthy balanced diet and worn sun protection every day but you haven't, then she will undoubtedly age better than you!

Myth #4: Spots and blackheads can be scrubbed away

Contrary to popular belief, acne is generally caused by hormone imbalances rather than poor hygiene. You can scrub your face as much as you want, but the breakouts won't go; all that will happen is skin will become sore, sensitive and damaged. Use a gentle yet deep acting cleanser such as a the DMK Deep Pore Cleanser and use a Vitamin A cream like the DMK Revise A every other night for some natural exfoliation, rather than harsh scrubs.

Myth #5: If you don't see results straight away, the product isn't working for you

No, no, no! Using a product twice a day everyday for two weeks may seem like a long time, but your skin can't work quickly enough. Cosmeceutical products work down at a cellular level (which is where you want them working if you want to see long term results), so you need to allow a full skin cycle (around 6 weeks) to see these the real benefits of a product. A little patience and perseverance will provide much better results in the long run than switching and changing products regularly.Are there any other skin 'facts' you've always wanted the real answer to? Ask one of our skincare experts by calling our advice line on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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