Do You Need A Skincare Fridge?

Do You Need A Skincare Fridge?

It would appear that summer has finally arrived! But with the glorious weather comes the potential for the occasional skincare faux pas. No we aren't going to preach about SPF - you should know about that already if you are a regular reader of this blog! We're talking about melted lip balms, sticky serums, warm and runny sunscreens, and asking the question - do you need a skincare fridge?

The topic has likely flooded your social media feed, with over 3,200 uses of #SkincareFridge on Instagram, but is there a benefit to keeping your skincare refrigerated?

Cool as a cucumber

With the recent heatwave reaching over 30°C in some places of the UK, there's nothing more refreshing than the thought of applying an ice-cold sheet mask or spritzing your face with a refrigerated mist to soothe and cool your sweaty complexion.

We also love the to place our facial rollers in the fridge to maximise the lymphatic drainage benefits and ability to reduce puffiness. The soothing and cooling action of a cold roller can also help to combat reactive, irritated and red skin.

But is there a benefit to keeping skincare refrigerated?

Extend the life of your products?

There are some claims that refrigerating your skincare products can help to prolong their shelf life, but it would appear that this probably isn't the case.

Here's the thing, most skincare products contain preservatives - no they're not bad for you, despite their reputation - to maintain the efficacy and freshness of your cleansers, serums, moisturisers and more. But some products aren't built to cope with extreme temperatures, meaning keeping them too cold could lead to changes in texture, ingredients separating or causing the actives to become ineffective.

Where should you keep your skincare?

We recommend keeping your skincare products in a cool, dark place. But NOT in your bathroom cabinet! Find a shelf or a drawer away from the bathroom, windowsills and radiators as any heat, whether it be from your shower, sunlight or central heating, can have a negative effect on your skincare products.

A cool, dark place is particularly important for active ingredients such as Vitamin A and C, which should always be kept out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight and excessive heat can causes changes in the chemical structures of active ingredients, leading to oxidation and degradation of a product's potency.

No one wants to open their favourite antioxidant serum to find it has oxidised, so best to keep if away from sunlight!

Let's face it, a dedicated skincare fridge certainly isn't a necessity and it seems may not have many benefits. But popping a sheet mask or a facial roller next to your pint of milk in your kitchen fridge could have a soothing and cooling effect on inflamed or reactive skin types.

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Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future

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