5 Common Skincare Mistakes You Could Be Making

5 Common Skincare Mistakes You Could Be Making

You may know your Alpha Hydroxy Acids from your antioxidants, and your Hyaluronic Acid from your Retinol, but despite your skincare shelf bursting with all these skincare goodies, there are a few common skincare mistakes that you could still be making

1. Treating skincare like fashion

Of course we always have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of our skin but in the age of "skintellectuals" and their envy-inducing skincare “shelfies it can be easy to succumb to the latest must-have ingredient or product.

New skincare launches can be very exciting - and we see many of them at Face the Future - but it's always important to think about your skin concerns first and foremost, rather than following trends that may not be suited to you and your skin.

At Face the Future, we have a dedicated skincare advice phone line with a team of skin experts offering personalised skincare advice. Don't waste your time and money on the wrong products; if you have a question about a specific ingredient or you are simply looking for advice on finding the right products for your skin, our expert team can help, give them a call on 0113 282 7744.

2. Quick cleansing

Have you ever timed yourself when brushing your teeth only to realise that two minutes is actually a lot longer than you thought? Well the same can be said for cleansing. Your first cleanse is very much a means to an end: remove all the SPF, makeup and impurities that have built up throughout the day and move onto the all-important second cleanse.

Your second cleanse is where you should be taking your time, really working the active ingredients into your skin and treating your complexion to a mini facial massage. Give it a try for yourself! Set a timer for 60 seconds when cleansing to ensure you are spending enough time on this essential skincare step.

3. Using too much product

It can be tempting when you open a fresh bottle of your favourite Hyaluronic Acid or antioxidant serum, to dispense a full dropper and slather it onto your face in the hope of more product = better results. But this certainly isn't the case. Firstly, using too much product is wasteful, save your money! Secondly, applying too much product could lead to pilling, where the product starts to roll as you massage it into skin.It is always best to follow the usage instructions - which is usually between 3-5 drops - to achieve the best results without overusing or wasting your serum.

4. Not using enough product

Ok, we aren't trying to overcomplicate things, we promise! But there are some products that must be applied in the correct quantities in order for them to perform properly.

According to Spanish suncare brand, Heliocare, to ensure the face is fully protected, 2mg of product should be applied for every cm2 of skin to be covered. This roughly equates to a full finger length for the face. Failing to apply enough product can dramatically reduce the protection from your sunscreen. Head to our blog: Are You Applying & Re-Applying Your SPF Correctly? to find out more.

5. Over exfoliating

Removing dead skin cells is an important part of most skincare regimes for a healthy, glowing complexion, but the overuse of exfoliating products can strip skin's natural barrier, leading to an impaired skin function. We tend to advise chemical exfoliation instead of physical exfoliation, so opt for a Hydroxy Acid or enzyme based product rather than a harsh scrub.

Also be careful not to include lots of exfoliating ingredients in too many steps of your regime. Hydroxy Acids are often present in gel cleansers, exfoliating serums and even moisturisers or creams - try to stick to just one exfoliating step and monitor how your skin reacts.

We like to use a gentler exfoliating alternative once a week, or every other week, such as LABthetics Enzyme Skin Peel Renew Mask, a natural enzyme-based peeling and resurfacing treatment that gently yet effectively breaks down the build up of dead skin and dissolves blockages.

Are you guilty of making any of these skincare mistakes? Speak to our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744, shop online or take our online skin test to receive personalised product recommendations direct to your inbox!

Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future

Image source: freepik.com

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