What's New This Month: Mesoestetic Bodyshock Push-Up

What's New This Month: Mesoestetic Bodyshock Push-Up

It's a tough job but someone has to do it... This month I have been road testing Mesoestetic's Bodyshock Push-Up. It's no secret that I am a Mesoestetic groupie and when I heard about their new breast and buttock treatment I fell in love with them a little bit more. As a gym bunny, I have worked hard at an ample sized rear but I'm still a far cry from a Kardashian and with bums being the new tums in the cosmetic surgery world, it's no wonder people are seeking non surgical alternatives to create the perfect derriere. As far as the bust lift goes, I have yet to find a woman who doesn't want a little lift on her assets.

So why do our best bits fall flat? I'll let the masterminds over at Mesoestetic explain: "The skin of the bust area is considerably thinner, more delicate and fragile than in other areas of the body, making it essential to provide special care for prevention and to improve the appearance. The buttocks visibly show the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, weakened muscles make the zone more likely to exhibit signs of flaccidity and poor tone."

How does it work?

Bodyshock Push-Up has been designed specifically to stimulate the skin and tissue of the bust and buttocks to encourage skin firming. The unique combination of active ingredients make for another award winning standard in skincare.

The evidence

One of the main reasons I advocate Mesoestetic is because of the hard, clinical evidence they provide with every one of their products and Body Shock Push Up is no different:93% of clients noticed an improvement in their skin after application of Bodyshock Push-Up.25% firmness of the tissue increases up to 25% after 15 days of use.18% of tissue was 18% more hydrated and nourished after just 15 days of application.

For more information on the Mesoestetic Bodyshock range, call our skin experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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