What is Oxytarm?

What is Oxytarm?
You may have noticed some new supplement additions to our online shop and clinic lately, one of which has caused quite a stir here at Face the Future. As soon as Oxytarm landed on our desks, we were all eager to try it and I thought I would share my experience with all our lovely blog readers.

So, what is Oxytarm?

This fabulous non-addictive concoction works to clean out the bowel. During this cleaning process, it eradicates the bad bacteria and encourages the good bacteria to thrive. It reduces bloating and keeps you regular, which in turn boosts energy levels, eases stomach problems, assists with the absorption of nutrients into the body, aid weight loss and even improve the appearance of the skin. Unlike many colon cleansers, it's not a laxative, so you won't be running for the nearest toilet unexpectedly! Each capsules is a magnesium, mineral and vitamin packed oxygenated tablet that is to be taken twice a day morning and evening, although not with food.
I have been taking Oxytarm for three weeks, two tablets in the morning and two on an evening. If, like me, you have trouble with stomach cramps, bloating, irregular bowels, etc. then this is the supplement for you. I won't go too much into this... but it's like a mini colonic irrigation without all the pipes and tubes! After years of having to cut out certain foods, taking peppermint capsules, charcoal capsules, Ispaghula Husk, Mebeverine tablets, keeping a food diary, having multiple lab blood test for food allergies (all of which came back normal), camera bowel checks, I could go on, nothing has worked for me. Having been to the doctors and hospital for scans and suffering for around five years, these beauties seem to have finally done the trick.
Since I began taking Oxytarm I've not had any problems and that's a big deal for many people who suffer with IBS or stomach issues. Having probed most options, I'm feeling better already.
If you've been using or are thinking of using Oxytarm and want to send an e-mail please do. We always like to have first hand feedback that we can pass on to our patients.
Maybe I have been lucky; only time will tell. I would highly recommend this for people with IBS symptoms. If Oxytarm helped me it could help you too.
Written for you by: Julie, Face the Future

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