Top 6 Vegan-Friendly Products That Our Customers Love

Votary cleansing oil

If you're thinking about giving your beauty cabinet an animal-friendly makeover, there's never been a better time to do so. Hundreds of brands are launching vegan friendly beauty and skincare products that feature innovative and unique ingredient formulations that don't compromise on efficacy and results. From vegan skincare to make-up, there's a lot to get excited about. 

Many of us are now avoiding animal-derived ingredients, and instead opting for plant-based alternatives, both in our diet and beauty routines. As reported in Glamour, the younger generation are leading the change with 15-to-34-year-olds making up 42% of Britain’s vegans and living this ethical lifestyle. So, how do you create a vegan friendly beauty regime? From cleansing oils to gentle exfoliators and anti-ageing eye gels, if you're looking to be more ethical in your beauty routine, discover the best vegan skincare products that our customers can't get enough of...

What is vegan beauty?

Simplified, vegan beauty essentially means products that have no animal derivatives such as lanolin, honey, beeswax and animal-derived collagen. Not to be confused with cruelty-free, which means that a product has been created without any animal testing. However, many vegan beauty products are also cruelty-free, as the two tend to go hand-in-hand. 

Is vegan skincare effective?

In the past, vegan skincare had a bit of a bad reputation for its lack of innovative formula and deluxe packaging. However, this has since changed and you can now discover so many exciting, high-performing and indulgent products that feel luxurious to use and provide your skin with impressive results. 

How do you know if a beauty product is vegan?

Surprisingly, there is currently no legal regulation on a product being labelled as vegan (this needs to change ASAP) so it is very important to check the brand's credentials and ethical values before purchasing. The quickest way to determine if a beauty product is vegan or not is to look for the Vegan Society logo. This means that the product does not contain any animal extracts of animal by-products during the ingredients and manufacturing process. 

The best vegan skincare products recommended 

1. Votary cleansing oil - rose geranium & apricot

Adored by beauty editors around the world, this vegan cleanser thoroughly cleanses all skin types without leaving it feeling tight or dry. Infused with 100% natural, pure plant oils this gentle cleansing oil whisks away all traces of the day, including make-up. The addition of nourishing Apricot Oil and Jojoba leaves the skin feeling hydrated and moisturised. 

'I have used this cleansing oil for some time, it’s made a huge difference to my skin. Much clearer and softer, non-greasy and just keeps your skin feeling and looking moisturised and healthy.' - Pruna D

Votary cleansing oil - rose geranium & apricot

2. Eminence organic strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant

This unique, powder to paste vegan exfoliator is made with Rice, Chickpea and Oat Flour that is gentle enough for daily use. Working to unclog pores and remove dead skin build-up, this fine powder is high in vitamins and antioxidants and improves skin texture for a cleansed and refined complexion. 

'My absolute favourite face scrub. I use it every day and my face is like a baby's bum! Worth every penny.' - Bryony W

Eminence organic strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant

3. Weleda pomegranate firming eye cream

Help reduce wrinkles and laugh lines with this unperfumed, anti-ageing eye cream. This light-as-silk vegan eye cream strengths the most delicate skin and is created with organically-grown Pomegranate and Golden Millet that aids in cell regeneration and encourages new cell growth while protecting against free radicals. Use everyday for a brighter, more luminous and hydrated eye area. 

'After using a cheaper eye cream for about 10 years I thought it was time to step it up. This cream is lovely! Blends in well and wakes my eyes up. My eyes can be quite sensitive but this cream hasn’t irritated at all' - Joanna P

Weleda pomegranate firming eye cream

4. Oskia super 16 pro-collagen serum

Visibly diminish advanced signs of ageing with this powerful anti-ageing serum. Formulated with a blend of 16 super nutrients and bio actives, this lightweight vegan serum targets multiple ageing concerns. Infused with Bakuchiol, nature's equivalent to retinol, this ground breaking serum prevents future skin damage and improves problematic skin without the risk of sensitivity. The addition of organic Cactus, Vitamins C and E detoxify and de-stress the skin while providing powerful antioxidant protection revealing a more firm, plump and hydrated complexion. 

'I have a ridiculous amount of serums but this is my favourite by far. If I use this at night I wake up with clear glowing skin and I don't need foundation. It's a miracle in a bottle! I'm 42 and have dehydrated sensitive skin.' - Charlotte C

Oskia super 16 pro-collagen serum


5. Heliocare 360 water gel spf 50+

Keep your skin protected from the sun's harmful UV rays with this unique, intensely hydrating water-gel formula from Heliocare. Taking your sun protection to the next level, this lightweight vegan-friendly SPF quickly absorbs into the skin and helps to retain moisture while providing a barrier against pollution, leaving you with a completely matte finish. Suited to all skin types, this water-resistant and non-comedogenic formula is alcohol-free, perfect for sensitive skin and all skin tones leaving you with an invisible, smooth and radiant finish. 

'Really good daily SPF. Dries to a matte finish and seems to lock in moisture all day. I would recommend this.' - Julia K

Heliocare 360 water gel spf 50+

6. iS clinical moisturizing complex

Protect your skin against environmental and UV induced skin damage with this antioxidant-rich vegan moisturiser. Formulated with a unique blend of botanicals, natural vitamins and essential bio-nutrients, this moisturiser can be used both morning and evening to create a radiant complexion without feeling greasy or heavy. Perfect for all skin types, this versatile cream combats all signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. 

'I am really picky about moisturisers - I swap brands a lot - and this one has really impressed me, my skin drinks it up.' - Anna B

iS clinical moisturizing complex


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