Tuesday, 06 March 2018

Tried & Tested: Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment

Charcoal is an ingredient we are seeing everywhere at the moment. From sheet masks to cleansers, toothpaste to the infamous (and quite frightening) peel-off face strips. But there are a few reasons why charcoal is becoming everyone's new favourite skincare hero.

According to experts, charcoal has been used in Japan since the 17th century as a technique for purifying water. And this unlikely hero skincare ingredient also has the incredible ability to detoxify and purify skin. Toxins stick to the activated charcoal, making it the perfect product for a deep and detoxifying cleanse.With 23% Japanese Binchotan Charcoal, the Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment acts as a magnet to extract environmental toxins and pore-clogging impurities.Enlarged pores and oily skin can be remedied with ingredients such as charcoal and clay “ also present in Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment “ these components bind to debris and excess oil to leave skin clear, smooth and detoxified.

Exuviance Detox Mask Treatment tested by Face the Future

My skin is oily and prone to breakouts, so I was excited to try the Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment and its claims of clarifying skin and removing excess oil. From past experience of using other charcoal based face masks I was expecting a thicker, more 'gloopy' texture, but the Exuviance Detox Mask Treatment was light and really easy to apply. It's very smooth and didn't drag on my skin as I applied with my fingertips, as recommended.With my skin type, I've tried many different treatment masks and have always found that I don't like the tight sensation when clay or charcoal masks begin to dry. I must admit I was expecting this mask to feel the same and I was armed with my facial spritzer to keep the mask 'wet'. However after 15 minutes, even though the mask had dried, it didn't feel tight and hadn't cracked around my mouth as I sipped on my peppermint tea.My skin didn't feel suffocated or tight and even better than that; it wasn't a trying task as I started to remove it. With warm water and gentle circular movements, the mask came off really easily. Afterwards my skin felt clean but not stripped and soft to the touch. I'm glad I read the instructions about the mask staining fabrics and saved my brand new white washcloths!I would recommend this mask to anyone concerned with oily or blemish prone skin. The charcoal and clay elements of this mask really do help to clarify, refine and detoxify skin. I will definitely be using again!Watch this step by step guide - How to use Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment...
Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future

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