Tried & Tested: Elim Callus Removal Kit

Tried & Tested: Elim Callus Removal Kit

As authorised stockists of over 150 brands, we get to see lots of exciting developments in skincare. Recently, we're seeing many brands merging natural ingredients with scientific advancements to achieve astounding results. Fresh from South Africa and brand new to the UK, one brand that's starting to make a real impact in the 'beauty meets science' world is Elim.

Hands and feet are often neglected areas of the body that get bombarded with not-so-healthy enhancements. Acrylic nail extensions and even the “finger-friendly gel colours can cause damage with long-term use. When done well by a professional, nails can look sleek and fabulous, but most of us have at some point experienced the dry and sore aftermath of one too many nail enhancements.

And what about the skin around those pretty sparkling fingers and toes? If you're anything like me, it's usually forgotten altogether, until a quick pre-holiday flip flop check reveals unloved and unattractive extremities. Hard skin, calluses and even worse, those nasty skin splits, we can't resist picking and pulling.

Well not anymore, we now have a treatment range that's got you covered. Not only does Elim offer an in-salon range, for that extra special occasion, they also have a fantastic home care range to keep our hands and feet looking pretty and more importantly, soft and healthy.

My particular favourite is the MediHeel Callus Removal Kit. The cute little box priced at £41.99 has everything you need to ensure super soft feet. I also love the MediHand Illuminating Nail Cleanser, £13.99, which helps to improve discoloured nails and encourage white, healthy tips.Our practitioner, Suzie, put Elim to the test. Here's how she got on

Suzie's review: Elim MediHeel Callus Removal Kit

When I was given the opportunity to try the Elim MediHeel Callus Removal Kit, as an 'at-home' treatment, I jumped at the chance! The product is marketed as providing all the benefits of a professional pedicure without having to leave the house “ I was sold!I'm meticulous in looking after the skin on my face and body, so why do I neglect the skin on my feet? One reason is probably because I hate having my feet touched, so to me a pedicure is like going to the dentist! However, the great thing about this kit is you have everything you need included for the perfect at-home pedicure and you can do it all by yourself.

Included with the Elim MediHeel Callus Removal Kit is:1 x 100ml Callus remover Tonic1 x 100ml Neutralizer1 x pumice stone1 x scraper1 x dropper1 x latex gloveThe handy set of illustrated instructions on the side of the box gives you a step-by-step guide of what you need to do.

Step 1

Place a thin layer of cotton wool on the affected area and apply Elim Tonic until the cotton wool is soaked.

This step was a little fiddly, however once it was on with the tonic it stayed in place easily. I did both feet individually as I was doing the treatment on my own but if I was using this treatment on a friend it would be easy to do both feet at the same time.

Step 2Leave for 8 minutes.

Step 3

Use the scraper provided to remove dry skin.

The messy bit is always the best bit. My skin peeled away easily without having to use too much pressure or force on the skin.

Step 4

Using the pumice provided, remove any stubborn dry skin, which may be left behind.

I used the pumice to really work the heel and ball of my foot areas where I tend to suffer with hard, dry skin the most.

Step 5

Neutralize foot with Elim Neutralizer

The neutraliser is a cooling gel that removed the rest of the excess and left my feet feeling squeaky-clean. I noticed an instant result!

Step 6

Apply Elim Foot perfector to soften and moisturise the foot.

The Results!

The Elim MediHeel Callus Removal Kit left my feet looking and feeling dramatically different. You could see all the dead skin had been removed and in really quick time. I am normally really conscious of the dry skin at the bottom of my feet and while I often moisturise my feet I always feel like it makes no difference. This gave me visible results in minutes.

Would I recommend this treatment?

Yes! I would also say having plenty of product left at the end of the treatment I will be able to get at least another four full treatments from the kit.

A key benefit to this treatment as opposed to other treatments on the market is the speedy results achieved in less than 15 minutes!

Written for you by: Emily & Suzie, Face the Future

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