Top Skincare Picks For Your Hand Luggage

Top Skincare Picks For Your Hand Luggage
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If there's one thing I like more than aesthetics, it's travelling. Like most of you, I love to holiday! The tropical weather, exotic beaches and fresh cuisine are a very appealing escape to our everyday lives. Something I don't love, however, is trying to pack a week's worth of supplies into my suitcase. If, like me, your skin requires much love, care and attention you'll know only too well the struggles of trying to avoid a holiday breakout.

After a year of jet setting, I have become an expert at packing for my skin. Due to airport regulations, there are only certain things that can be packed into your hand luggage. If you're travelling light, saving the pennies or simply going for a weekend getaway then I have your skin sorted with these perfect on board holiday products all under 100ml!

DMS Cleansing Milk

Dermaviduals DMS Cleansing Milk offers gentle cleansing and skincare without emulsifiers. Dermaviduals is made without harmful emulsifiers, or irritating perfumes and preservatives, and can therefore be used on even the most sensitive skins. This creamy, gentle cleansing milk will cleanse the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It's perfect for all the family to use on holiday and will effectively remove makeup, keeping your skin fresh for barefaced holiday days. It's so good, we think you'll make it a permanent bathroom staple! This handy 30ml size is perfect for your suitcase and to carry straight on board.

Top tip: If you're taking a night flight, always remove your makeup before hitting the recline button. Nobody wants to wake up to panda eyes and clogged pores.

Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF 30

Of course you wouldn't go anywhere without your favourite SPF.The Daily Matte Moisturiser contains the potent antioxidant thiotaine, as well as other free radical scavengers to protect against environmental aggressors. Its non-greasy, oil-free formulation is perfect for controlling your sweaty brow in the humid heat and at 94.4ml it makes our holiday hotlist.

Top tip: If you're tight on space in your bag, this product can double up as your daily moisturiser to combat holiday dryness.

Environ RAD Lips SPF 15

Environ's vitamin rich RAD LIPS SPF 15 moisturises and protects lips, leaving them naturally soft and supple. The nourishing, antioxidant formula and UVA/UVB filters help protect against visible signs of premature ageing. It's super important to use this alongside your facial SPF. Lips are prone to burning in the sun and nobody wants a blistered pout on holiday!Top tip: Keep in your pocket on board the plane to keep your lips hydrated mid flight.

Skinade Travel Size

Skinade is a multi-award winning anti-ageing collagen drink with a unique formula of active ingredients that boosts the body's natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. It helps the body to rebuild and strengthen collagen. It also increases the absorption rate in which our body can take in essential minerals required for younger, clearer and more radiant looking skin. If you're already a Skinade junkie, just switch to the travel sachets to maintain your results on your travels. If you're a collagen drink virgin, there's never been a better time to start!Skinade 20 Day Travel Course contains exactly the same levels of essential nutrients as your normal bottle of Skinade. It's been designed specifically for hand luggage and with current liquid restrictions in mind to offer a sachet style travel solution that is simply mixed with water for optimum effect.

Top tip: Add into sparkling water, juices and protein shakes for skin-loving holiday cocktail.

Face the Future Travel Bag*

We love an accessory and this handy travel size bag is perfect for keeping all your skincare goodies together. No need for plastic food bags or unfortunate suitcase spillages!*Please check individual airport guidelines for luggage restrictions and on board liquid regulations.

These essentials should make travelling light super easy. For anymore holiday skin advice, call our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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