The One Product I Can't Live Without

The One Product I Can't Live Without

We love chatting all things skincare, and if you're a reader of this blog you probably do too! So what's better than finding out about the products the team at Face the Future use every day! First up is Alex K, who works in the marketing team..

As authorised stockists of over 150 proven clinical brands, we are in the unique and fortunate position to be able to cherry-pick the very best products for our customers and ourselves! Here's the one product Alex K can't live without.

What is the one product you can't live without?

I have always been interested in skincare - I've got over 15 years of hormonal acne to thank for that! But since I started working at Face the Future, about two years ago, I've learnt more about active ingredients and brands that actually work! My favourite product and the one product I can't live without is from Danne Montague-King, the Acu-Klenz cleansing gel. I use this cleanser twice a day - first in the morning when I wake up and then in an evening after I've removed my makeup. As I've suffered from hormonal breakouts for a long time, I have gone through my fair share of useless drugstore-style cleansers that promise the world but never deliver. Acu-Klenz is different and it's a cleanser I can't go even just one day without it!

Why do you love it so much?

In the past I have used foaming cleansers that strip skin's delicate surface and leave it feeling tight and dry, which then in turn starts producing more oil and leads to more congestion. Acu-Klenz contains the perfect ingredients for acneic skin including Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate and clear pores, Aloe extract to reduce redness and inflammation and Tea Tree to encourage pore cleansing and sebum control. I also feel like I'm covering two steps with one product as I am cleansing whilst also delivering a chemical exfoliation - with Salicylic Acid - so I don't need a second exfoliating product.

When did you first start using it?

When I started working at Face the Future, I had a series of in-clinic DMK treatments to help with my blemish prone skin. Our team of clinicians recommended I used the DMK homecare regime alongside my in-clinic treatments to get the best results, which includes Acu-Klenz.

How do you use it, any tips?

As mentioned, I use Acu-Klenz as my morning cleanse and second cleanse in the evening, after first removing my makeup with a milk cleanser such as Mesoestetic Hydra Milk Cleanser. I use a 20p sized amount of cleanser and apply to dry skin. Once I've covered my face with the cleanser, I'll run my fingertips under a running tap to get a bit of moisture and a bit more movement when massaging the cleanser. I then remove the cleanser with a damp washcloth to ensure there's no residue left behind. If my skin is a little more congested than normal, I'll apply Acu-Klenz as above and leave on for 2-3 minutes while I brush my teeth to allow the Salicylic Acid to work longer and deeply cleanse my pores.

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Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future

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