Tuesday, 08 March 2016

The 6 Make Up Brushes You Need

Ask any make up artist the key to flawless make up and they will tell you the answer is the brushes you use. Tackling a daring smokey eye or perfecting a flawless base is much easier if the tools in your kit are the right ones for the job. Instead of having 101 brushes that you don't know how to use, streamline and just make sure you have this core collection to do make up like a pro.

A buffing brush

Throw out your traditional flat foundation brush and invest in a buffing brush. A flat base brush will swipe the product over your skin, while a buffing brush really works the product in, blending it with your skin for a more natural and highly perfected finish. Use circular motions to blend in the product until everything is super smooth.

A powder brush

A good powder brush should be big and soft, perfect for applying finishing powders and bronzers. If your brush is too dense, the powder will show up very pigmented (think bronzer stripes or cakey powder face), so the fluffier it is, the more it will blend the product in with the rest of your make up.

A blush brush

A blush brush with a slightly tapered end will allow for a more precise blush application, targeting the apples of the cheeks and slightly up the cheekbone. This shape is also great for contouring and highlighting the face, as it means you can easily get into all the hollows of the face.

A flat shadow brush

A flat shadow brush is great for packing bold, pigmented colour onto the lid. Packing on a good level of colour will really make the eyes pop and dazzle, as well as acting as a base for any shimmers you add over the top.

A crease brush

The key to gorgeous eye make up is blending, and plenty of it. Once you've packed your colour on, there can be a harsh line where the colour stops and your skin begins. Running a fluffy blending brush through the crease will soften this colour and create that sultry smokey look.Top tip: Most make up pros will use two crease brushes when creating a dramatic eye look; one for running colour through the socket to add definition, and one that is completely clean of product to soften out the edges.

An angled brush

Perfect for those little details is the angled brush. The small, precise tip is perfect for filling in the brows, applying liquid eyeliner or running some shadow along the lash line for some subtle definition.Whether you're lost with all your brushes or are looking to start your collection, begin with these six basics and see the difference it will make to your make up application. Be sure to check out the Jane Iredale range of brushes for some professional quality tools.Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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