Skincare 101: Sheet Masks

Skincare 101: Sheet Masks

The latest trend in skincare is the sheet mask. Brought to recent popularity by the international surge in the Korean beauty products, they have taken off big time. Despite their rise, we've been long-term lovers and users of sheet masks, in particular the Mesoestetic Crystal Fiber Mask. Although they may look like a leftover from your Halloween costume kit, sheet masks can be a real boost to most skin regimes. Here is the lowdown for sheet masks.

What are the benefits of sheet masks?

Sheet masks are fantastic for infusing the skin with essential vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, but their main use is for hydration. They deliver a real surge of moisture so are a perfect boost for when skin is a bit dry. They're also fantastic for use following clinical treatments, such as peels or dermarollers, to help repair the skin and replenish those lipid levels.

Who can use a sheet mask?

Luckily, hydrating sheet masks are suitable for most skin types. Dry and sensitive skin types will obviously love these, but even oilier skins can get dehydrated, so these are a great way of deeply infusing moisture without overloading the skin. The only skin type that may struggle is an acne prone skin, as sheet masks can raise the temperature of the skin, leading to an increase in bacteria.

When should I use a sheet mask?

Like most other masks, there's no need to be using sheets daily. Those who feel they need additional moisture can use these once a week for a hydration boost. Alternatively, they can be used before a big event to give skin a pre-party treat.

Top tip: We often apply a sheet mask on our clients after treatments, so you could applying a deeply cleansing or exfoliating mask, followed by a hydrating sheet for a mini at-home facial.

What are they like to use?

It does seem like a strange concept, but once you're used to sheet masks you'll find they are much easier to use than the usual formulas. Each single use mask comes individually packaged, so you simply have to lay over cleansed skin, relax and remove. Any remaining product on the skin can be massaged in as a nourishing serum for added effect. In fact, they are so handy to use, celebrities, models and air hostesses swear by them to maintain skin hydration during long haul flights or in hot climates.If you dismissed them as another beauty fad, it might be time to reassess and give a sheet mask a go.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future