Q&A With James Green of FIT

Q&A With James Green of FIT
Today's installment of our interview series comes courtesy of quite a different brand to the Face the Future collection. FIT is a fuss-free, straightforward yet highly effective skincare range targeted specifically at men, perfect for both avid male groomers and those who need a little more encouragement to take care of their skin. I was eager to learn more about this innovative range, so caught up with the brand's creator, James Green.

Skincare specifically for men is something quite different to Face the Future, so we're very excited to launch FIT. Could you tell us a bit more about how the brand began?

I was always an early adopter when it came to looking after my skin. I started using a daily moisturiser from the age of fifteen. Later on in life I got heavily into the gym and training. As an avid gym goer, sometimes training up to nine times a week, I was using lots of male grooming products. I noticed from shopping myself and from talking to other gym users about what they used there was a gap in the market. There was a very limited selection out there for men and sometimes we even had to resort to borrowing our girlfriend's products. Much to their dismay! So that was it, one day whilst on a treadmill I thought I should start my own range of luxury male grooming products called FIT skincare.

The cosmeceutical skincare industry takes a largely unisex approach to products. What are the benefits of a range targeted solely at male skin?

FIT scientists set out to formulate the range specifically for men and the properties of men's skin and hair. The skincare industry takes a largely unisex approach to male grooming. Taking a female range, repackaging it and then marketing it as a new male grooming range. But guys are not so easily fooled and can spot when this has been done. And don't like it. At FIT we are proud to formulate our products just for men. Men's skin is twenty percent thicker than women's skin. They also have hairier skin and produce more sebum(oil). The FIT range is tailored to meet these specific properties of male skin.James Green, founder of FIT Skincare

James Green, founder of FIT Skincare

The key ingredient behind many of your formulas is the exclusive OXY-FIT-10 complex. How does this complex work to improve the appearance of skin?

FIT Skincare have taken a completely new approach to male personal care with the creation of OXY-FIT-10, our unique oxygen delivery system. Clinically developed to boost skin cell regeneration and maintain a healthy energised look, OXY-FIT-10's highly innovative formula combats tiredness and lines at the cellular level. This makes our male grooming products unlike any other.

For the regeneration of skin cells to occur, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the fuel that supplies energy to cells, must be present. OXY-FIT-10's targeted oxygen delivery system boosts the skin cells respiration ability. This increase in cell respiration means an increase in ATP production. And the more ATP produced, the greater the skins ability to repair and regenerate itself.

This increase in ATP energy also produces water that hydrates the skin cells DNA. As one of the primary causes of cell ageing is the drying up of DNA, so the increase in ATP production and therefore an increase in skin cell hydration is another way that OXY-FIT-10 protects, refreshes and revives skin.OXY-FIT-10 also increases collagen production enhancing the skin cells ability to repair and maintain their elasticity and the more elastic skin cells are, the fresher and healthier skin appearsBy stimulating ATP production, hydrating DNA and boosting collagen production OXY-FIT-10 is a powerful, highly effective weapon in the battle to keep men looking great.

FIT's facial skincare line is comprised of a range of serums and ultra-serums, rather than the usual creams we expect to see. What makes these formulas superior to traditional creams?

All FIT products are serums and although they are more expensive to produce than a regular creme we think our customers deserve the highest quality products. Serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients and hydrating agents to deliver highly effective results. They also have smaller molecules than cremes and this means that they are quickly and deeply absorbed into skin getting to work immediately.

For any of our clients looking to try FIT for the first time, what would you recommend as your three 'hero' products?

At FIT we love all our products. And they are all hero products. But if I have to highlighting just three they would be:Moisturising Ultra Serum “ Our daily use serum is packed with natural active ingredients. The formulation is very light, quickly absorbed and leaves skin super hydrated and looking and feeling great.Eyedrate+ - The delicate skin under the eye is where we show the obvious signs of fatigue with bags and dark circles. Our Eyedrate+ formulation utalises cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid and peptides to reduce the appearance of under eye bags, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.Massage Miracle “ As FIT originally came from a sports background when creating the lineup I wanted to include products that fitted in with men's active lifestyles. And after all the activity we need to relax so Massage Miracles was created. Including ginger extract and witch hazel to reduce muscle pain, accelerate healing and soothing aching muscles.