Pre Christmas Party Prep SPF Make Up Bases

Pre Christmas Party Prep SPF Make Up Bases

If you've been keeping up with posts lately, you'll have seen my series of Pre Christmas Party Prep posts to help you get gorgeous, party ready skin.

With Christmas Day a week today, I'm sure you'll be well under way with any skincare products or treatments, so today's post is looking at the very last step of your skincare regime. Whether you're going out for a meal or dancing the night away, it's important that your make up can last, so whatever you apply to your skin before your foundation is crucial.

As we all know, the very last step in your daily regime should always be the same thing “ a sunscreen. Many make up lovers are often scared of wearing a sunscreen as the connotations are often think, heavy and greasy, which does not create the smooth, primed base you require.

However, big advances in skincare have transformed SPFs from the white creams of your childhood. Here are our top picks of sunscreens that will not only protect your skin, but also double up as a brilliant base for long-lasting make up.

Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser

One of the best sunscreens for anyone with an oily skin, this product acts as a 3-in-1. Firstly, it offers broad-spectrum SPF 32 protection, but can also be used as your daily moisturiser, providing the lightweight hydration those of us with an oily skin require. It also absorbs excess surface oils, providing a smooth, matte base that helps your make up apply evenly and last much longer.

Heliocare XF Gel

The XF Gel is the most lightweight formula from Heliocare that provides an SPF 50 protection with the addition of some powerful antioxidants. This oil-free, non-comedogenic formula sinks in super quickly, without leaving any white cast or greasy residue. The skin feels silky smooth, providing the perfect make up base.

SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense

At an SPF 50+, this sunscreen is offering the highest level of protection of the bunch, which is great if your skin is extra sensitive to sun damage. It's lightweight formula sinks in rapidly, so you can get straight to make up application without hanging around.

For more information on choosing a sunscreen that's right for you, please call one of our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future